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Are Christians a Minority at Bloop?
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13 Oct 2011, 23:11
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Out of curiosity, Avonlea, how are you defining minority? What percentage to you would make someone a minority? Or are you just saying that the percentage of Christians is smaller than it used to be?
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13 Oct 2011, 23:50
.Blue Bella.
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There certainly used to a more vocal group of Christians on Bloop, however I don't think that the presence of Christians here is that minimal so no, I don't think you are a minority at all. Bloop traffic in general has slowed down, yes, but I believe the ratios are probably still similar in terms of Christian v non Christians. There are certainly other minorities that stand out far more than Christians in my opinion.
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14 Oct 2011, 02:28
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It's funny, I started this thread the other night out of a mild curiosity, and then when I woke up the next morning I didn't really care anymore. But now I feel like I've gone and upset people over something so stupid. lol.

@ LADY PUCK ~ I wasn't thinking in terms of percentages. By the word 'minority', I was just thinking "fewer Christians than non-Christians." And I never compared Bloop Christians to Bloop Muslims. I really don't care what groups are more of a minority than others. I was just asking about one particular group.

@ Madeline Rain ~ What a bizarre thing to say. No need to go on the attack here. Having more people belonging to one group than people belonging to another group is not discrimination, and nobody even mentioned the word other than you.

Sorry, everyone, I think I've found what my error was. The word "minority" is a politically charged one. I didn't mean it that way. I simply meant that there aren't as many of us here as compared to the general population of Bloop. When I compared that thought of mine to the comments mentioned in the original post, I was curious to find out which one was accurate.

Don't worry; I'm not about to start a protest march on Washington over this. lol.
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14 Oct 2011, 13:13
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'Minority' can have several meanings - that's why I asked.

Considering all the other possibilities that 'non-Christians' can encompass, it'd be pretty normal for there to be fewer Christians than non-Christians. However, I'd imagine there's a good chance of there being more Christians than each of the other categories if taken individually.

Saying Christinas are a minority in Bloop because there are more non-Christians is kinda like saying Texans are a minority in America because there are more non-Texans! Hence the Muslim example was incredibly valid.
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