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HELP I need somene who works for AVON or used to
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11 Oct 2011, 21:29
The Crafting Wife
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I started with AVON online, and for some reason the person who *says* she will help keeps telling me to use my training tools online - here the problem, my cpu really sucks, and it is so unclear with the taxes - i started my own Eparty to try to build up clients - and i checked and saw some orders - NONE of taxes been paid - how do i know how much of a total to keep track of? it didnt give me a card, or a place where the money i get to go into.

just HELP me please?

where does the money go to? (when i get a profit)
Where will it tell me i gotten some?
when someone orders online its already been paid for and processed right? or do i need to do something?
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11 Oct 2011, 23:17
Tam I Am
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If someone pays with a check, they should make it out to you.

On the bottom of your invoice it tells you how much you should have made, but you have to take into account the bags and books you have to buy as well as demos if you bought any of those.

When someone orders online, if they choose direct delivery it comes to you in your order. If they choose to have it shipped to them it goes to them.

You pay Avon either online (which is easiest) or you can send them a check or money order. I vote for paying online because it releases your order quicker.
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11 Oct 2011, 23:18
Tam I Am
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Also, when you first do the orders, it doesn't show taxes. YOU have to figure those based on your town's tax. Like the city tax here is 9.625%. You add their stuff together, add the 75 cent fee, and then add the taxes in.
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