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26 Feb 2011, 14:18
Bellatrix Lestrange
Post Count: 234
I wish these bloody forums had an edit button! *frowns*

* the bad

*sigh* xD.
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26 Feb 2011, 23:02
Post Count: 377
@ Bellatrix -- You're right. As an artist, we do need to be open minded to all feedback, but still -- anyone who wants to critique should learn how to do it correctly.
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1 Mar 2011, 16:40
Bellatrix Lestrange
Post Count: 234
@ Aubrey; :

I agree with you.
But you know what some people are like in this twisted world...? xD.
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27 Feb 2011, 14:39
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
This is a poem I wrote when I was 14 and got published. I used to love poetry but I find it boring as an adult. Apart from this one, for it is epic ;D The theme was 'dialogue':

The eagle swooped down low,
as low as low could be,
and said to the tiny mouse,
'Why are you looking at me?'
The mouse replied with sheer delight,
'I've never seen an eagle;
and you so tall and me so small
is making me feel feeble.'
The eagle flapped his wings
and cast one experienced eye
over to the mouse,
who was wondering how to fly.
'You look so sad', the mouse replied,
'Is your problem me?'
'You must be joking!' The eagle screeched
and made the mouse his tea.
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27 Feb 2011, 22:14
Post Count: 221
I used to have a poetry diary on here, along with a regular one. After one of the bloop crashes, I copied them all off my myspace (that I used a lot way back when) and pasted them back on here. After the next one, I figured it was a waste of time since bloop was prolly gonna crash again sooner or later. So I log into my myspace like once a month or so to make sure it stays there (not sure if ti goes away or not). I created this diary for all writings (poetry, songs, etc) ... but I don't ever use it except to get on an surf bloop haha. I almost never post anything because I do most of my blogging type stuff from my phone and bloop doesn't have an app or mobile site that I'm aware of. Heh.
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15 Aug 2011, 05:59
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Aww, misspellings and typos are fun :D

I have a writing diary on here and I have been a member of poetry websites long ago. Posting in general is putting your story out there for someone to read. If you don't like it don't post it!!!
Oooh. And I used to write fanfic A LONG TIME AGO. Like... a really long time ago. Haha I used to have a website when yahoo geocities was alive.
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