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8 Oct 2011, 15:26
Winged Centaur
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The wages you make usually don't equal the work put in. I would agree with that.

I would say that there are expectations in place for tipping in the restaurant industry. Our hourly pay is about 5 dollars under the minimum wage mark, so obviously tipping is expected and I think deserved. There are even standards for the amount to tip. If everyone tipped the appropriate amount, then I would make more than minimum wage.
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8 Oct 2011, 17:33
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@Winged Your last line is perfect. Up until this year (and still sometimes when I help my family restaurant out) I have lived on the 2.13 bullshit. Many days I went w/o making min. wage b/c my restaurant was so low. Now my boyfriend is a bartender and there are days where he doesn't make enough money to get the gas to get there.

Every table counts ppl. Don't eat out if you can't tip. Even lousy service my boyfriend and I tip (granted if it's lousy service it's like 10% instead of the normal 15-20% we usually give). I can count on one hand the number of times I've NOT left a tip when I went out to a restaurant.

If your server is busy and you don't get your ass wiped every minute you're there, cut them a break; they're busy, not ignoring you. However, if they're ignoring you and they're slow, that's on them. If you don't tip then, I wouldn't blame you. I hate it when someone is slow and clearly only has the one table (aka me) and my drink has been empty for the past 20 min.

If they look tired, they're probably tired. I know of so many ppl who supported their family on 2.13 an hour plus tips. On the days they're not busy... they're shit out of luck. Bills aren't getting paid and they'll be lucky to feed their kids. So fucking tip. Srsly. If you're lucky enough to have a good paying job... TIP.
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6 Oct 2011, 23:32
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Tipping in Australia - it isn't really a done thing. Not unless you go to a super classy restaurant - or - you feel like being nice - or - you don't care for the change the sever is about to give back.
I think because they get paid pretty well (wage) so it's sort of a different system. I heard once that American severs need tips because that's where the majority of their income is: they make more in tips than they do by wage. I don't know if thats true...but here in Australia it's sort of the other way around. The staff get pretty good (ok not brilliant but decent pay) by their wage.

I don't know - I think it's just generally accepted here that we don't tip because the staff already get decent pay.

I remember when I went on tour of Europe and suddenly tipping was compulsory - for the Australians on my tour, we were like "tipping? what's that? we have to do what now?!" it's just not a common concept for us.

But like I said, if we don't care for the change left over from paying the bill...I'll leave it behind...or if the service was super awesome, I'll leave a few dollars. There's probably some upwritten/unspoken rule about tipping here...but I know if I asked most of my friends...or the next person walking past my house...some, if not all, of them would say they don't tip.
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8 Oct 2011, 09:00
& skull.
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yeah totally agree with you there. it's just not really done here unless you feel nice or can't be arsed with change.
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6 Oct 2011, 23:39
kein mitleid
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I usually tip 20% or so, sometimes less if the service is bad.
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8 Oct 2011, 05:54
just samma;
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i tip usually about 15% to servers.
At places like Tim Horton's and Starbucks i usually just skip my change and let them keep it.
i don't tip fast food places or taxi services.
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8 Oct 2011, 08:59
& skull.
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we don't tip in australia. or well, you can, but it's not a necessity sort of thing. some cafe's have tip jars, but that's kinda it. aren't tips mostly to make up for the shitty wage or something? i don't know much about it. i tip my favourite waiter at a cafe i go to because he's really nice to me and hilarious and i've tipped taxi drivers that weren't assholes or got lost during the trip. i'd probably tip if i went to a country where it was more of a thing, but i'm shit at maths so i wouldn't know what a "decent" tip was in comparison to accidentally giving them not enough or too much.
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8 Oct 2011, 09:13
Toffee Sprinkles
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I always tip. I usually leave 20-25%, but I've also left up to 100%. I also include a note with the tip wishing my server a great day/evening and thanking them for the service. I've never had a bad experience in a restaurant, but if I did, I would probably leave 15-20% just in case the restaurant has a shared tip policy.
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