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Merging Diaries?
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3 Feb 2009, 14:05
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I was lucky enough that, when the crash came, I didn't end up losing anything. A combination of having recently backed up my diary and my fairly frequent cross posting to OD as a back-up meant that I escaped relatively unscathed.

I had it in mind to post all of my old entries here and back-date them, but it seems they still appear in the order of posting rather than date order. Is there a feature to change this that I haven't seen?

Failing that, I'm tempted to start a new diary and just post in order. But I don't really want to lose my comments and such. Can a diary be 'merged' with another one so that all of its entries, comments, and favorites are attached to the newer diary?

I've got this overly ambitious plan to give 'Director's Commentary' on my old entries, since the oldest are almost seven years old now. But I don't want to launch into it until I know what's feasible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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3 Feb 2009, 14:45
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I would open a ticket to Administration and ask Steve directly. Or message his diary.

This wasn't previously available, but I am sure he could code it if he had time.

Keep in mind that I did upload a database backup to him last month that I saved on Jan 2007. So considering your diary is #6357, I am sure that quite a bit of your lost entries and comments are in that backup. When he has time I do believe he will code in the option to download or merge that data with diaries now. Just something to look forward to. :)

Personally, I'd wait to create another diary. Or at least if you do create another one, keep the one you have now though. Else it will make recovering any data from the backup I sent Steve harder to get. Iunno though.... best thing is to ask him. :)
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3 Feb 2009, 14:55
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Yeah, I intended to keep my current diary until there was a way to merge it in. Failing that, The Director's Cut will go ahead anyway. I'm eager to cast dispersions on my youthful idiocy with smarmy, italicised director's commentary notes on old entries :-p
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3 Feb 2009, 18:46
Mojo Jojo
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That would be awesome!
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