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Show Your Ink! :D
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25 Aug 2011, 00:03
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25 Aug 2011, 00:05
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Two more of my five. The water fairy was just moments after being finished, hence the blood.

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25 Aug 2011, 02:33
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@Scruddle that blue fairy is badass!!! How long did that take?
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25 Aug 2011, 10:34
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I sat for almost 5 hours for her. And the same with the Earth Fairy beside her.
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29 Aug 2011, 14:28
Meghans Follie
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these may be huge... sorry if they are

This was my first...

Its on my lower back. got it when I was about 19 ish.. was rather a blur (the experience of getting it)

The flash on this pic makes the pic look bad. But its my memorial tat. Butterfly is for my kid sister who was murdered in '99 its a copy of her drawing of a butterfly. the treble clef in honor of my Gamma who died in '07 and cross my father '07

Opp shoulder

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30 Aug 2011, 03:28
Ufie Dufie
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First tattoo

Second one was the clone trooper. The stars was the third.
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2 Sep 2011, 05:13
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This is my first and only tattoo.
Photobucket The names are my kids' names. The butterfly is for my grandma who passed away in 1997 and because I love butterflies. The 11-8 is my brother's birthday and my wedding anniversary. My brother passed away in 1998
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