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Bloopies - Need your help!
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4 Aug 2011, 15:40
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Hello my dear bloopies!

So I am in a contest and need your votes! Or rather..."Like"s....

My sweet hubby surprised me with tickets to see my favorite artist (Daddy Yankee if any of you are familiar!) for our for year anniversary and I have entered a contest for a chance to meet him! It basically consists of posting on the facebook group why I deserve to win and the post with the most "Like"s wins! So far I seem to be in the lead but one can never get too comfortable or confident in a game of numbers! There's a young girl that is fiercely trying to catch up but I am confident we can still win this with your support!

If you can spare a few moments when you log into facebook, would you mind going to the following link and clicking "Like" on the post it takes you to - its mine

Thank you so so so much!!/permalink.php?story_fbid=238333329532701&id=218354884863879Čif_t=like
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4 Aug 2011, 18:33
Aspiring Boxer
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Just clicked "like". Hope you win!
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4 Aug 2011, 16:49
*amour de bebe*
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done =)
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4 Aug 2011, 18:23
Music God CJ Plain
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Done. And if you'd like to FRIEND me on there, I will use my radio shows to also help you try and win. Just look for my thing on there Christopher John Plain.
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4 Aug 2011, 19:11
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done :)
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5 Aug 2011, 06:49
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5 Aug 2011, 17:56
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8 Aug 2011, 03:12
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Oh hey, I actually did like it :P and you won! Congrats!
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