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I want to ask you a serious question?
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14 Jul 2011, 06:05
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[b]Who gets married after dating-meeting someone after a month?[/b]


[There is a story, I'll type that in the noontime later [it's 2:04 AM my time] but in an entry... I just want YOUR thoughts on the question here and not the situation; and NO it is def NOT ME, psh... I don't even want to get married.]
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14 Jul 2011, 06:20
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Spontanaeity, maybe? A ticking biological clock? Lonliness? Pregnancy? Who knows. Personally, I wouldn't do it. But I know people that have. Sometimes, they're not even sure. Or at least they're not willing to share their reasons.
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14 Jul 2011, 06:57
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He's 36 & she just turned 23 if that helps. The real story though when I type it the whole outcome is not the greatest, and it's making me think bad things about him. I'd start typing it now but I've been forcing myself to stay awake since 12 am.

TY for your input though, and no me neither if I ever did decided to get married which I doubt. I'm old fashioned when it comes to commitment or anything that ties me to something for a period of time so I'd say 5 years.
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14 Jul 2011, 07:01
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My grandparents were only together for a couple months if that before they got married, and they were married 65 years and never had a fight. I guess if the person is the one, you'll know it, and nothing else matters. :)
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14 Jul 2011, 13:09
*Forever Changing*
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I moved in a week after meeting my husband...conceived a child three months later...ironically we waited until almost 4 years together to get married.
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14 Jul 2011, 14:11
& skull.
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my ex does. everyone thought it was a stupid idea. but they have a kid and a house and stuff and they love each other. so i guess sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. depends on the people involved.
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14 Jul 2011, 15:29
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my fiance and i were engaged within 2 weeks of dating and we had only known each other 3 months before that. Still together and that was 7 years ago :)
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14 Jul 2011, 17:29
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Thank you all! I didn't know it was that common! I mean in todays day and age who would have thought, I am now going to type the story up.
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14 Jul 2011, 19:16
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Entry written:
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14 Jul 2011, 20:25
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for me personally i would wait. i would want to have a good amount of time under our belts {{so to speak}} in the relationship & with living with each other. this way you can already know what each other pet peeves are & find a way to work it out before something as big as marriage is even discussed.

but hey, if it works for you it works for you. but as for your sister...idk too many red flags popped up when i read your entry.
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15 Jul 2011, 14:10
Greta Garbage
Bloop Community Organizer
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my mom and stepdad only dated a month or two before getting married...they are going on 21 years next month. sometimes you just know, I guess.
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