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6 Jul 2011, 18:37
.Broken Angela.
Post Count: 114
What movies would you suggest to watch on there? I've seen some but I want to watch something else!
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6 Jul 2011, 19:10
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
Here is the list of the movies we've watched recently on there:

Howard The Duck
They Live
Attack ON Darfur
The Maze
Back To School

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7 Jul 2011, 03:29
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
@Music God: How was Frayed? I keep seeing it and I'm not quite sure if I want to watch it.

I like to just click on a 'category' (usually it's horror) and just start watching random movies. :D

I just recently watched a movie called PVC-1 which was based on true events about a Colombian woman whose house was broken into and for 'ransom' they put a pvc pipe 'necklace' filled with explosives around her neck. It was an insane movie. The whole thing was shot in one take (which is quite a feat) and it was just, weird. It sucks to know that it actually happened to a woman. :(
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7 Jul 2011, 04:03
.Broken Angela.
Post Count: 114
I've seen Frayed and its a good movie!
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7 Jul 2011, 04:55
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
@Beautiful Lies: Frayed wasn't bad. Not the most original movie I've seen but definitely NOT the worst either. Had hints of the Halloween movies but didn't actually rip it off either.

If you want to see a freaky movie with a GREAT PLOT twist...see the movie THE HILLS RUN RED. Brilliant movie.
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6 Jul 2011, 20:15
Post Count: 134
My brother and I use for movies free and a better selection than hulu in my opinion.
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6 Jul 2011, 20:56
.Broken Angela.
Post Count: 114
I don't want to download movies to my laptop. I rather watch them on tv.
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7 Jul 2011, 07:58
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
does this only work in the us? because it sounds convenient.
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7 Jul 2011, 15:16
Post Count: 260
Pretty sure it's US only, unfortunately.
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10 Jul 2011, 01:17
just samma;
Post Count: 204
It has branched out to canada. I have an account and watch use it on my wii.
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9 Jul 2011, 22:56
Post Count: 36
Are you just watching movies that are watch instantly or just any movies? The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was a good movie but its not watch instantly anymore.

The Long Kiss Goodnight
From Paris with Love
The Crew

Those are some random movies that we watched this week, some watch instantly and some we got in the mail.
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11 Jul 2011, 03:57
Post Count: 492
If you like independent films, I know a few good ones.

Camille- with Sienna Miller and James Franco (romantic comedy)

Timer- romantic/ futuristic movie (the lead actor played Brandon's girlfriend from Beverly Hills 902010 during the college years. I forget her name.)

There is a good BBC mini series called Survivors on Netflix (not that stupid reality show on CBS Survivor! Stupid ass show that needs to just go away).
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11 Jul 2011, 18:28
Hidden Depths
Post Count: 81
I watched all 4 seasons of The IT Crowd (comedy) on Netflix and loved it... Battlestar Gallactica is also on there and awesome. I'd say just do a search by genre and have a ball. If you watch some movies, it'll suggest other ones for you to watch that match your interests.
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12 Jul 2011, 06:42
Post Count: 221
@Hidden Depths - oh #$%*%^@# The IT Crowd is awesome. I watched first 3 seasons. I'm going to have to get an xbox360 and netflix again just to see the 4th season (it wasnt on there last time I had it).
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