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Embarassing Kid Moments
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23 Jun 2011, 15:06
Emily the Strange
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My favorite still remains a kid standing up in a shopping cart. The mum says, "Sit down or you'll get hurt!" and the kid yells, "YOU CAN'T HIT ME FOR STANDING!"
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23 Jun 2011, 16:23
.Broken Angela.
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When i worked at the daycare i worked with the 2 1/2 and 3 years old. Well all of us was outside and this other teacher catches this 3 year old peeing on one of the slides! She asks why did you do that? He goes I had to pee! I wanted to laugh but he got into trouble! But it was funny!
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23 Jun 2011, 20:40
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@Broken Angela: I knew a kid once who peed while sliding down the slide, on purpose. Her parents weren't very happy ;D

I remember hearing her mom scream "THAT IS NOT LADYLIKE, YOU DON'T PEE OUTSIDE." ;D
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23 Jun 2011, 21:33
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@Jess she should've told that to ppl I went to HS with; they'd get hammered and just pull their pants down, squat, and take a drunk piss. xD
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23 Jun 2011, 21:06
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When I was a toddler, my mom was grocery shopping, and in the middle of a crowd of people, I pulled a tampon out of her purse, waved it in the air and shouted "Mommy, what's this?!"
I still hear about it to this day, and I'm 25.

A lady I worked with was going through the check out lane with her son when he was a toddler.
Her son looks at the cashier lady and informed her "I have a small penis and my daddy has a big penis."

The cashier lady looks at Cat, the lady I used to work with, and said "What did he say?"
Cat just looked at her and said "You heard what he said. Don't make him repeat it."
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23 Jun 2011, 23:50
.Broken Angela.
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Jellyka that is so funny lol
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