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bachelorette parties
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20 Jun 2011, 07:15
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what would you get for the bride to be? i need some ideas:)
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20 Jun 2011, 08:14
Post Count: 1096
Spa weekend or something similar, anything that is based around drinking is just tacky.
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20 Jun 2011, 10:45
Post Count: 378
You get them a gift?!?!?!
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20 Jun 2011, 11:01
Post Count: 377
@ Transit -- I love the idea of a spa weekend. That sounds great.

But to the OP, Crazybeautiful - Are you talking about what to do on the bachelorette party (as per your title) or what to get the bride as a wedding gift?
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20 Jun 2011, 20:39
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Some lingerie or gag gifts, hehe.
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