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21 Jun 2011, 17:18
Lady Lazarus
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Do you smoke? If so, why do you smoke and how many packs do you smoke?
Yes I smoke. I smoke because I'm addicted to nicotine and I have, over the ten years that I've been a smoker, been both brainwashed by "others" and by myself into believing that it will be a source of immense anxiety, stress and physical discomfort to try and quit.
If you're no longer a smoker, have you ever smoked? If so, how did you give up- was it easy for you or did you struggle?
I have attempted to give up many times. Longest I managed was most of my second pregnancy. It was hell.
If you've never smoked in your life, would you ever consider trying it?
If anyone even considers answering yes to this question... I would seriously advise against trying it. It is one of the worst decisions you can make with your life.
And finally, what are your thoughts on smoking in general?
Do you think it should be made legal in public places like before (like, pubs, trains, etc.)? Or totally banned?

I dislike smoking. Yes, I'm a smoker, but I do not like that I am a smoker.
Yes it should be banned in public places. It's not a healthy habit. I'm used to being shunned and restricted to smoking 'areas' outside now. We're going on holiday to Cuba this year were it's still legal to smoke in public places and I'm actually not looking forward to it as I don't like the idea of anybody being allowed to smoke whilst so close to my children. I don't smoke near them and I don't want anybody else doing it either.
Despite being a smoker that hates smoking, some non smokers that argue against smokers just plain p!ss me off.
I love the argument that anyone who smokes shouldn't be treated in hospital for smoking related illnesses. Yeah. Just like fat people shouldn't be treated for diabetes and heavy drinkers shouldn't be treated for liver problems.
And the few times I've had to go to A&E on a weekend night because one of the kids have been ill, has it been smokers filling the waiting room complaining of a cough? No, it's been drunks and crackheads with bleeding faces and broken limbs who are taking up the nurses and doctors' time.
Yeah, lets ban smoking everywhere and treat smokers like lepers, but lets bring in 24 hour lisencing for bars so we can all get pissed 24 hours a day. Makes perfect sense. I've also never heard of a smoker going crazy and beating their SO up, but I know lots of violent drunks.
Now see, I don't drink heavily or regularly and I don't do drugs because of the changes to behaviour that it causes, but you don't see me telling people they shouldn't drink. It's their choice. If they want to saturate their liver with booze and addle their brains with weed, let them.

And as a final note... I am currently reading the book 'Easyway to stop smoking'. I highly reccomend it to all smokers. It talks a lot of sense and changes your attitude to the giving up process. I plan to give up using the book sometime soon (when I have the guts)... and I suspect I will be far more successful than any previous attempts with NRT.
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22 Jun 2011, 23:56
Bellatrix Lestrange
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I agree.
I don't like the discrimination smokers get.
Like you say, it's their choice.
Who are other people to judge someone!?
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21 Jun 2011, 17:48
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It's been almost 2 years since I quit smoking and I will never smoke again. It was a nasty habit for me, I hated how I smelt and how everyone who didn't smoke complained of how I smelt. I hated the example it gave my child, even though I never smoked around her. They still can see you doing it, smell it on you or find your cigarettes. I think it's unattractive in a partner now as well. I wish I had never even tried it because I know I did so much damage to my lungs by smoking. Here in my state you cannot smoke in any public places, including bars and clubs, which is nice. I personally do not want to be forced to inhale second hand smoke because others choose to do it. I'm glad it's no longer allowed in restaurants because, again, it's not fair to force children to inhale second hand smoke either. It was a waste of my money and my health, not something I personally will do again even occasionally or out drinking.
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21 Jun 2011, 20:32
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I used to smoke. A Bunch. Finally I decided I wanted to quit. I went on a "diet" lol. I switched from full flavor menthols down to mediums and milds and lights and finally ultra lights. After a while on the ultra lights I cut back from ever hour to every two, every three, etc. I got down to four a day and said to heck with it - mid pack. Just gave them to a friend. Smoking made me feel ill. I quit more than 3 years ago.

I don't like it when people are smoking in a closed room. It is horrible. Fine if you want to designate a smoking room and non smoking room - but please save my lungs from the second hand.

I'm also way against smoking in family friendly public places, and right outside by their doors. I have a 6 month old sensitive to smoke and strong smells because he is a preemie. It makes me nervous anytime I can smell smoke and he is with me.
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22 Jun 2011, 13:38
Finally Mrs. Bailey
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I smoke. Not as much now, but I got to a point where I was going through a pack every 3-4 days (as opposed to a month or so in the beginning, and I've slowed to that now). I started when I was about 15, because I thought it was cool, and that was what everyone else was doing. I ignored anti-peer pressure lectures and tried it for myself. I would say that I've never been addicted to it, I just enjoyed it. Still enjoy every once in a while. I mostly like to have a smoke if I'm driving some where (but not always) and usually when I'm out to the bar drinking or drinking at a party. I slowed down now not just because of the health risks (although I do breathe better when I've gone a few days without, and catch less colds), but because I disgust myself. My mouth tastes bad after, my hands stink. I can normally get it out of my clothes and hair with one wash, but my hands will smell for longer, and then I get ashamed. I've mostly just always been a social smoker, as a drunken convo can always be started if you go out for a stogie. I've never been one to just light up on my own, except in the car as I said.

I try my hardest not to smoke around children. Especially if I'm in a car. That's not to say I haven't done it, but I try not to. It irritates me when people do that. I'm glad they banned smoking in restaurants, but I'm upset they banned them in bars. Yes, technically they serve food. But, many people, myself included, like to have a smoke with their drinking.
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