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How many hours do you
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19 Jun 2011, 00:27
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Spend online writing on bloopers, tumblR, twitter, FB, or any other social/blog/etc service? Do you wish you had more time or spent less time doing it? Just a curiosity question. I don't get to do anything as much as I would like w/ a son and all haha. I prolly spend an hour on the days I actually get on a computer. But I do quite a lot at night (and waste sleeping time) via my phone (mostly twitter).
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19 Jun 2011, 16:26
Bellatrix Lestrange
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I go on Twitter quite a lot now.
I've an app on my BB so it's really easy to access Twitter.

Also have an app for Facebook but I don't go on that as much >_<

Bloop & other blogs? Well, I mostly go on Bloop when I go online.
How long I spend on here? It really depends whether I'm busy or not.

My BB is like a little computer to me. It's great having it when I'm out & bored, say, on public transport.
It's great when you're somewhere that has free Wi-Fi so you can watch YouTube while bored waiting for someone.
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19 Jun 2011, 00:28
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Supposed to say "bloop" not bloopers. iPad changed it. Sry.
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19 Jun 2011, 03:00
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I've got a twitter, but I honestly don't use it much. Once in a great while. Never really tickled my fancy. Same with tumblr.

I go on facebook a lot, mainly to play the little games and such. It's easy to update with my cellphone, so I do it a little more regularly since I'm usually out and about. I suppose I could do the same with twitter... but no one I really know is on there, so I don't lol.
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19 Jun 2011, 04:17
HorrorVixen XO
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Jellz: I'm on twitter.. Well I just re-joined.

I'm on fb kinda a lot.. When I get too "into it", I deactivated it.. Like right now.

But I usually get on the internet through out the day.. Off & on. Looking at all kinds of sites.
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19 Jun 2011, 09:31
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@fearless: well I usually read you on facebook! ;D So I have no need to read the twitter!
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19 Jun 2011, 06:28
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I usually spend an hour doing up a post on here, mostly because I spend a ton of time thinking about the post while I write it, rather than beforehand. I only spend a few minutes on a Tumblr post, usually posting a photo I took, or a short bit of text. But Facebook can occupy me for hours, since I check it periodically throughout the day. Making silly comments amuses me when I'm bored at work. lol
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19 Jun 2011, 08:19
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I spend way too much time online. I really want to kick the habbit a bit, but its just so easy to talk to people and so forth. Excuse Excuses I guess. While I'm on holiday it will be easy to stay away from it (it always is when i'm on holiday) so maybe when I get back, I'll try and kick the habbit. I'm an online addict. Facebook is always open in a window for me. Such a distraction.
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