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Relationships & Moving Day
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11 Jun 2011, 22:41
Let It Be
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I was with my boyfriend a year and a half before we moved in together. I was starting my second year of college and I didn't want to live in the dorms again, and he was ready to move out of his parents house. And, of course, we just wanted to take that next step in our relationship, we'd been talking about it for quite a while already at that point.
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12 Jun 2011, 20:32
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Mic and I were together 6 & a half years before we moved in together, and then we only moved in together because we had a baby. We were quite happy pottering along as we were, although now we're living together it's rather nice. We probably would have moved in together sooner but he only had a studio flat and I have a lot of stuff. It was full with just his bits, let alone with mine. Plus I'm really close with my parents and they quite liked having me at home.
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13 Jun 2011, 17:51
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@polywog There is an article on that says that spending time apart and sleeping apart actually helps marriages. Only thing I've heard of it, tho.
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13 Jun 2011, 23:38
Winged Centaur
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My husband and I started dating right after I graduated high school. My mom was moving, but I had a job still, so I was crashing at different friends' houses during the first part of the summer until Dave said it made the most sense for me to stay with him at his parents for the summer until I started college and moved into the dorms. Well, after the summer, we didn't want to live apart and got an apartment together. It wasn't planned originally. He was just helping me out, since I was pretty much a bum that summer.
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14 Jun 2011, 04:27
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I think we were dating for something like 9 months before moving in together. But we started talking about it way before then. I was practically living at his apartment anyway. It just worked. It really was the natural progression in our relationship. We haven't had any problems yet and it's been a year :)
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15 Jun 2011, 23:06
~Just the 3 of Us~
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I moved in with him after knowing him a month. I didn't want to but I had a fight with my roommate and he wanted me to move out. My options were move in with b/f, move back in with parents (over my dead body) or live with a friend in a very small house. I chose to take the chance (I was 30 yrs old so it's not like I was too young to do it). We are now divorced so if I got into another relationship, I would probably keep my own place forever just because I like having MY space. :)
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