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Random Bathroom Question
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29 Apr 2011, 12:48
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Unless we have someone over.. its open.

I've been with my husband over 6 years, if I'm not comfortable around him by now..something is wrong. Plus.. my daughter thinks I have left her if I close the
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30 Apr 2011, 03:10
Winged Centaur
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I got in the habit of leaving the door open when I lived with my mom and our dog Hiebert, because he liked to come in the bathroom with me, and my mom and I never really established any proper boundaries.

My husband likes for bodily functions to be private, for both of us, to keep the sexy in our relationship. Even when he's not home, I keep the door closed, just so I stay in practice and don't forget when he is home.

While he was away for a few months, I did start leaving the door open. It's quite liberating.
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1 May 2011, 03:01
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keep it clossseeedddddd
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1 May 2011, 05:44
kein mitleid
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I'll raise the bar for everyone.

I shit with the door open in public restrooms, especially the port-a-potties. Choke on those fumes, people at the carnival!
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1 May 2011, 08:41
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I didn't realize how many people kept their bathroom doors open until I read through the replies here! O_o I personally close and lock the bathroom door out of habit even when I'm all alone in the house.
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