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Random Bathroom Question
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28 Apr 2011, 00:27
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I am just so curious about this, so I'm going to ask:

If you're totally alone in the house, for whatever reason (if you live alone, or all your roommates are gone and you *know* they're going to be gone for a definite amount of time)... do you close the door to the bathroom?

I mean, technically there is no one to walk in on you and "see anything", but on the other hand, for me it feels weird to have the door open. I don't even leave my bedroom door open when I'm home alone.

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28 Apr 2011, 02:34
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I dont even know if our bathroom doors close LOL Ours is always open when im in there....UNLESS im showering while home alone. I want to hear the door open when the crazy killer enters!
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29 Apr 2011, 02:11
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I leave the door open.
Then again, if I'm just peeing (or showering), I leave it open when my fiance is home anyway. I'm pretty comfortable.
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28 Apr 2011, 01:41
annababe • •
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If I am home alone, I normally leave it open. And since I live with just my boyfriend, I normally leave it open, unless I'm going number two.
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28 Apr 2011, 01:42
inebriated; xxx.
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if i'm home alone; i don't close the door whether going to the bathroom or showering.
if i know someone's coming home in a relative amount of time i close it.
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28 Apr 2011, 01:44
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I leave it open. If I'm in there for a poo or a shower and I leave the door closed the dogs freak out. They think I've abandoned them. xD Also, I leave it open even if there were no dogs. I'm too lazy to close the door when I know no one's going to see me pee/poo. XD
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28 Apr 2011, 02:42
Post Count: 252
Home alone or with people there I always have the door shut & locked. If I'm drunk....I'm too drunk to give a flyin rats fart in space LOL
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28 Apr 2011, 04:29
Post Count: 36
I leave it open cause the puppy and both cats follow me right into the bathroom. If Austin is here he's right behind me too.
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28 Apr 2011, 06:29
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I leave the door open when I pee, even when my boyfriend's around. If you can't pee in front of someone you've been with for 11 years, then there's something seriously wrong with your relationship. lol I do prefer to have privacy when he's around and I'm taking a crap though (because poo is smelly, end of story), so only the cat's allowed in with me. I'd leave it open when I have a shower, but the smoke alarm is incredibly sensitive (and effing LOUD) so that's a bad idea. XD
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28 Apr 2011, 08:06
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I close it, when you flush the toilet if you don't bother putting the lid down any particles (e.g. wee and poo particles) are circulated into the area for around six feet from the toilet, minging.
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28 Apr 2011, 13:28
Post Count: 377
@ Transit - you are absolutely right. I always shut the lid when flushing (except public restrooms where you can't). I just picture the germs floating around... Ew.
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29 Apr 2011, 13:08
Post Count: 2651
@Transit: 6 FEET? Well, maybe I'll start closing it! Of course wee particles are harmless since wee is sterline, but poo particles in my hallway... ick.
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28 Apr 2011, 10:44
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
If I'm home alone, I don't close the door when I'm peeing, but I will if I'm having a number 2; you never know who might come home! But sometimes I do close the door when peeing, because having the dog watch you is really offputting ;D
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28 Apr 2011, 11:12
Post Count: 72
I close it during the day unless it's a quick wee but it's open at night. When pooing it gets shut regardless
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28 Apr 2011, 13:27
Post Count: 377
I am surprised by how many keep the door open. I think I am used to living with other people (I have four younger siblings) and I actually only recently got out of the habit of locking the door. I stayed at a motel for the last couple days, and even then it was automatic for me to shut the door.
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28 Apr 2011, 14:26
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
i've had it open slightly to hear when a tv show i was watching came back on. i also have pushed it all the way closed, but not actually shut it so it clicked. mostly due to being half asleep or drunk.
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28 Apr 2011, 15:16
Emily the Strange
Post Count: 195
I will usually close the door, but sometimes when I feel like taking a ride on the wild side I'll leave it cracked open a bit. I'm such a risk-taker! lol
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28 Apr 2011, 15:19
~*Queen Bee*~
Post Count: 22
My bathroom is in my bedroom, so if no one's home I leave my bathroom door open but close my bedroom door. Unless my curtians are open, then I close the bathroom door too cuz my bedroom faces the street!!
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28 Apr 2011, 19:41
an empty frame.
Post Count: 82
I don't shut the door when I'm alone. I always pee with the door open and I secretly wish my boyfriend would do the same because I'm a fricken pervert. Number 2 I shut the door if my boyfriend is home but not if it's just me and my stepson because he always freaks out if I walk out of the room and he doesnt know where I am (so I can listen for him freaking out) ... which has also caused me to get this annoying habit of announcing "I'm going to the toilet" to whoever is in the room.
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28 Apr 2011, 19:42
Post Count: 283
I never close the door to the bathroom I have in my basement, even when people are home. No one ever goes down there anyhow ;D

My upstairs bathrooms if no one is home, I don't close them. I can reach the doors from the toilets anyhow, lol, so it's not an issue.
If I'm going to be in there longer than a minute or two I usually close the door.
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28 Apr 2011, 21:47
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
No matter what, the bathroom door is always ajar.. I have 2 kids that r always fighting or getting into something. When I'm alone, I'll close the door. I'm weird I know.
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28 Apr 2011, 22:46
Edward Cullen
Post Count: 5
I do close it - like not completely, but enough so that I can't be seen by my neighbours through the window in the opposite bedroom! ;D
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28 Apr 2011, 23:08
Post Count: 79
I close it out of habit. I used to leave it partially open, but ultimately, the door gets closed when I go in there to use the toilet or shower.
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29 Apr 2011, 02:48
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
Open. Even when not in use it's open cause the cats like to get in the bathtub and drink the bits of water that remain in the bottom of the shower. They are strange animals.
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29 Apr 2011, 11:52
Post Count: 210
we never shut the bathroom door, and it proved obvious when we realised the door hook hanging on the top prevents it from being shut so we had to take it off for our daughters birthday party! moved it now!
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