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Glitch with friends only?
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26 Apr 2011, 01:27
*Forever Changing*
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I went friends only, and I get some requests to add said person to my friends list. It says to click here to add them, and when I do, I get a "the page you requested was not found page". This wouldnt be an issue if I could add them manually but 9/10 people have it set so if they cannot see my diary, then I cannot see thiers. In order to add them, I will have to take my diary off of friends only and add them, which then leaves me open to be read while I am doing that.

I raised a ticket, but my question is, is this a system glitch, or is it something with just my diary? Also is the staff aware of this glitch? Will it be fixed anytime soon?
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9 Aug 2011, 21:33
The Crafting Wife
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I have the same problem - if someone request to view me - i go to their page and click on add to friends if i cant view them because they cant view me - i do it the long way mange diary, click on the friends block list thing - (first you copy and paste the name of the diary) then paste it on to the bar and click add then it helps then go on their page im strictly on FO
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26 Apr 2011, 05:42
Jessica [Private]
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I think it's a system glitch. I had the same problem the last time I tried to go FO/FO instead of MO/FO (like I am now).

I gave up on it and just stayed MO/FO.
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26 Apr 2011, 05:43
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Also, you can still add people without going to their diaries.
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26 Apr 2011, 10:45
Post Count: 1779
Just to add - for maximum privacy, your default entry setting should be FO, in addition to your diary privacy settings. These are two different settings on 'manage my diary' - one under 'entries' and the other under 'privacy'. Then, even if you come off FO to add people, no non-friends would see your entries - they'd just see an empty FP.
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27 Apr 2011, 20:13
Hidden Depths
Post Count: 81
Wow, Estella.. great tip. I'll have to check my privacy settings too.. I think I'm set up for MO/FO but I'll have to double check.
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27 Apr 2011, 22:13
Bellatrix Lestrange
Post Count: 234
That's what I do when I feel random enough to go on FO! xD.
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