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Zombie Apocolypse...
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23 Apr 2011, 01:50
Lady Lazarus
Post Count: 126
Just out of curiosity (and because I can't sleep) what would you do to survive?
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23 Apr 2011, 02:23
*Forever Changing*
Post Count: 847
My husband and I have a Zombie plan haha. Our house is made out of bricks and concrete, so we would cover the windows with steel and that would be our safe house. We can easily raid the stores for food and my husbands guns that he owns will come in handy obviously. Once we get a store of food and supplies, we will be taking a vehicle to the coast, taking a ship and going to an island...on an island there can only be so many zombies which makes it much easier to kill them off and make yourself safe..
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23 Apr 2011, 02:51
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Immediately run to Gander Mountain - while everyone else is panicking for food. Grab as much ammo, guns, etc. as we possibly can. Find a house with less windows, more brick, and in a more secluded area. We would take whatever food we had here to last us for a while and then we would hunt, or raid, whatever we could. My son is almost 6 mos old so we would keep him in a sling, attached to one of us at all times in case we needed to run. Our daughter is 9, so she's a bit older - but we would keep her out of the action as much as possible. We talk about it all the time, cause we're big Zombie freaks and we loooove Zombie movies.
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23 Apr 2011, 05:48
Post Count: 1938
Go to northern Canada. Live in a nice village and/or city. Zombies can't survive up there.
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24 Apr 2011, 04:43
Bellatrix Lestrange
Post Count: 234
Party with the Zombies, yo!

Lol. Now I've got Zombie by The Cranberries stuck in my head. xD.
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23 Apr 2011, 05:02
Post Count: 118
Find a nice big orchard and set up camp there. Ideally, there'd be plenty of food in the area, and enough open space that we could see em coming and have enough time to kill them before they kill us. In a perfect apocalypse (lol), I'd have a crossbow (and I'd know how to use it) because I could re-use the arrows. And I'd be better with a sword - I have plenty of those I can use. Melee ftw XD
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23 Apr 2011, 05:34
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Knowing me, I'd end up thinking trying to survive would be too troublesome, and just let myself die.
/is the hopeless sort.
Plus, I like zombies, so I wouldn't mind being one.
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23 Apr 2011, 05:34
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
the other half and i have discussed this at length. guns aren't the most effective weapon. for long anyway. you run out of ammo and you're screwed, they also draw attention because they're loud. you kill one or two zombies, suddenly there's hundreds around you. they're also harder to come by where we live too [australia] so we'd be going the fuck off big knives tied to broom poles option, and knives in general. a make shift flame thrower would do too.

we'd do the lock yourselves in a super market option for as long as possible, barricade it, lock ourselves in the security office and sleep in shifts. you don't want too many numbers around you either. the more people, the more problems. you want a few reliable people with you that will not hesitate to kill turned family members or friends. no harbouring feelings for the undead version of whatever it was that you loved.

there's not really any small islands around us. you have fraser and phillip, both of which are actually fairly big and it could take a year to clear it of zombies. that and you'd have to destroy the road bridge leading to it. i wouldn't move on to an island until i was well versed in killing zombies. also depends on what kind of zombie. slow, lumbering, undead? or fast, clever, mutated humans? i'd probably keep to the mainland.

being in australia, unless the zombie virus starts here we'd be fine. if it's reanimated corpses we'd be buggered, but the slower ones are easier to despatch.
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23 Apr 2011, 10:53
♥ Steph
Post Count: 52
My brother and I discuss this way too often lol. The plan would be for my husband and I to go to my parents because they have stairs and zombie survival guide says anything upstairs as long as you destroy the stairs is fairly safe. Fill bathtubs and sink and anything else with water. Before destroying stairs get all gun ammo since between my bro, dad and I we have 3 handguns, 2 shotguns and a rifle. Cover windows, no lights and radio on VERY low. My brothers workplace as backup plan if we have to leave my parents house and walmart as a 3rd backup because it's right across the street from my bros work lol. Granted I didn't put ALL details, but my bro and I have this planned out :P the only issuse would be my husband and I getting to my parents which is about 12 miles away. Which isn't far now, but during zombie apocolypse.....
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23 Apr 2011, 12:49
Lady Lazarus
Post Count: 126
Loving the plans! Good to know most of us will all be prepared!
My OH has an unnatural love of zombies. He thinks staying on the move is the only way to survive over a long period of time as staying in one place you'll run out of things fairly fast.
My plan would be similar to Mindi's... I'd slay an island-ful of zombies (I've never fired a gun/used a sword in my life, but assuming I have a natural talent for it here!) and set up camp with a bunch of other random survivors. My idea is that a) zombies can't swim and b) after enough time they'll rot away when the fresh flesh runs out, so if we repopulate the island and wait long enough we'll eventually be able to go back to mainland and repopulate the earth Adam and Eve style.. minus the incest.
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23 Apr 2011, 13:31
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
I don't have an answer to this, but.... my friend says (as part of his survival plan) that he wants Morgan Freeman with him, because if he dies, he wants Morgan Freeman's voice to be the last one he hears. I believe he's still got the video up about it...

Oh he does!

He's a weirdo, but you gotta love him ;D
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23 Apr 2011, 16:30
kein mitleid
Post Count: 592
I'd probably just stay put in my secret underground lab, and continue the zombification experiments I've been performing.

Did I mention I work for the Umbrella Corporation?
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