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MARCH Photography Challenge
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1 Mar 2011, 11:25
.Blue Bella.
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The main theme for the month of March is BLACK AND WHITE.

Take the pictures using black and white settings on your camera, OR, converting using post processing.
Submit here in this thread. Let us know your settings if you like. And if you want people to provide feedback on your picture, let us know that too! :)

Sub themes: (Black and White to suit the theme - you can interpret the sub themes however you like!)
Wk 1 - People (Post by 8th March)
Wk 2 - Around the house (Post by 16th March)
Wk 3 - 20 steps from your front door (Post by 23rd March) {take 20 steps out of the front of your house/apartment building and get creative!}
Wk 4 - Happiness (Post by 31st March)
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9 Mar 2011, 01:04
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Week 1 Photo - People

This was our wedding cake topper, the figures were mix and match so you could get likenesses to the couple. This represents me and my husband! We've had it framed with my wedding bouquet that was freeze dried.
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9 Mar 2011, 07:37
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My love. He hates being photographed. This is probably the best photo I've ever taken of him. Took it on March 3rd while waiting for the bus after work :D
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10 Mar 2011, 03:33
Miss Ice Fingers
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I love the colour version of this (although it'd be better if I hadn't chopped her chin off :S) but I think there is something about the b&w conversion that is not quite right :-/ Don't ask me what I did with the conversion because I can't remember :P But any feedback is appreciated!

SS- 1/160
ISO 200
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10 Mar 2011, 04:11
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743

2 of my favourite people :)
Annnnnnnnnd I'm too lazy to look amongst my files to find the setting details lol!
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