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products you love
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6 Dec 2008, 17:19
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tell me what you love.
things you buy regularly, or things you've bought one of and have always used. things you recommend to others..

i'm just being nosey really.

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6 Dec 2008, 21:58
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
Prego! It's the ONLY product that I swear by.
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6 Dec 2008, 20:27
i`m his lil bearrr.
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i'm SO addicted to benefit cosmetic products. especially: gorgeous georgia, some kinda gorgeous, cupid's bow, and dr. feelgood!! i use them daily!!

oooh, and the vitamin e moisturizing products from the body shop are awesome as well. =) ♥
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6 Dec 2008, 22:01
some miscreant.
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green tea and roast beef sandwiches.
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6 Dec 2008, 22:20
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I love lush stuff... their trychomania solid shampoo (or however its spelt!) is heavenly...
cadburys chocolate
photobox for printing photos.

for the baby... we love annabel karmel recipes, the stokke tripptrapp chair, BURTS BEES!
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6 Dec 2008, 22:54
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I'm addicted to anything and everything Burts Bees. Most specifically they have a chapstick, cuticle cream, and a face washing bar that I like to use. I use Loreal True Match concealer, foundation, and face powder; it blends perfectly with my skin, isn't thick, stays on all day, yet washes off EASILY at night. Fuze beverages (only about 5% juice, but taste amazing, and are full of calcium and vitamins A, C, E, B3, B6, B12). Ermm... thats all I can come up with right now :P.
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7 Dec 2008, 00:31
JuSt BrEaThE..oO
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I love Bath and Body Works Body Butter. It is the only stuff that keeps my skin hydrated and soft.
I also love Dove chocolate, I cannot live without it!
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7 Dec 2008, 01:53
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
I'm not a huge beauty products fan... I love Nivea moisturiser though.
I recently bought Palmer's Body Butter after hearing so many rave reviews but I can't say I'm all too keen - not a fan of the smell!

I love: gherkins. Lmao. I don't have much of a sweet tooth so am way more of a crisp girl than a chocolate girl.
I also love Pot Noodles, I know they are terrible for you but I can't help myself! Plus they have less calories than Super Noodles ;)

My main purchase though is books. I'm a book fiend. I buy far too many and don't read them. I'm also terrible for buying too many perfumes.

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7 Dec 2008, 19:06
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palmers cocoa/body butter is yucky smelling!
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7 Dec 2008, 02:30
Me, I'm Not
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I live off of Palmer's Tummy Butter. Although I'm not pregnant anymore, I still use it on my stomach, because when I had PUPPS, it destroyed any sort of moisture my poor tummy had. And Gold Bond anti itch cream. I'm allergic to sulfur, so when I put that on my poor little hands, it soothes the burning and the itching.
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7 Dec 2008, 03:54
Kelsey Lynn xox
Post Count: 150
i'm also horrible for buying alot of perfume.
i love tresemme moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. i swear by vitamin water, especially the energy kind (its yellow) and the raspberry apple, i think thats what it is. the quaker rice snacks caramel corn...are amazing. and low in calories. everyone should try 'em!
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7 Dec 2008, 05:01
Post Count: 288
I recently fell in love with Cover Girl TruBlend liquid makeup. It really does magically blend to your skin like they claim in the commercials!
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7 Dec 2008, 20:53
x baby cakes x
Post Count: 5
Hey Suzi! Avon does some fab shea butter for heels and elbows and it is FANTASTIC - Best product I've ever used. Softens my dry skin overnight!
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8 Dec 2008, 01:18
Post Count: 11
The dawn hand renewal dish soap. Everytime I washed dishes with regular dish soap, i was lathering on lotion because my hands were so dry. This stuff definitely helps.
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8 Dec 2008, 01:49
Post Count: 1
I just got some mac and beefit for my birthday (early presents) and I love them... I also find Gosh do lovely eyeshadow and swear by rimmal(sp as bit tipsey) eyeliner
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8 Dec 2008, 02:47
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
I absolutely LOVE the Shea Butter and Brazilnut Body Butter from the Body Shop. They are about the only products I use on a regular bases.
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8 Dec 2008, 03:36
Post Count: 18
I have the Aloe Moisturizing trial set from the Body Shop... and it makes me all greasy... I have dry skin and it does way more than it should, lol! But their stuff is cool... My friend just got a job at Lush, and they make all handmade organic (or something) soaps and body stuff...

Um... I like Clearsil (sp?) the morning burst face wash and the moisturizer afterwards... works for me....

Aveeno moisturizing lotion (the green one)...

Nivea moisturizing chapstick... I'M ALL ABOUT THE MOISTURE!!! LMAO

I can't stand shea butter, I hate the smell... ick, lol...

And... Puff's tissues-- because you always need tissues....

I dunno what else, lol
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8 Dec 2008, 22:45
. Spoon .
Post Count: 128
i just got the clinique line for liquid foundation. i LOVE IT. it blends great when you use their 4 step cleanser for your face, with the makeup remover, the dead skin remover and treatment then the moisturizing cream. it made my face so incredibly soft and i no longer have any cakeyness in the makeup or flakes where my skin was ultra dry... and the application brush they gave me to use with it... im in love!
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8 Dec 2008, 22:45
. Spoon .
Post Count: 128
i use jergens aloe soothing lotion. i love it too and puffs with aloe ! lol
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9 Dec 2008, 18:19
Post Count: 1779
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9 Dec 2008, 18:30
Post Count: 2651
Benefit Playstix (foundation). It's the only one I've found that's pale enough for my skin! And it covers spots pretty well too. I've also recently discovered Clinique eye liner which is brilliant.

I wish someone could suggest something for my hands though... I wash them a lot at work, and they're dry, cracked and sore. I hate hand creams because they're so greasy!
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14 Dec 2008, 03:29
just samma;
Post Count: 204
anything & everything Lush. . . i love it all. & spend a fortune in that store everytime i step foot in there.

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