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Worth it?!
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27 Dec 2010, 23:58
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I haven't bought any for $200, but that's my limit as far as looking at them goes xD. Josh bought me my cowboy boots & my mom bought me my Uggs.
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28 Dec 2010, 05:50
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Well I don't do a lot of clothes shopping, not a big shopper here. I don't know what's wrong with me but malls give me headaches, I wont set foot into a store unless I know what I want, I get it and then I am out. I go shopping about two times a year seriously, my birthday and Christmas money. I don't have much clothes, never really did, if you went through my wardrobe I probably have enough clothes to last me 2 weeks without needing to wash. I typically go for SALES, sales I look for. I never buy shoes, I have two pairs of converse and one pair of flip flops [I live in Florida lol] I own 5 pairs of jeans, maybe three pairs of shorts, two sweaters and a lot of shirts. Shirts I usually spend like 10 dollars on, clearance in hot topic, jeans... I usually have Ma buy those for my birthday. I have bought one pair of jeans by myself and they were 15$ at bealls outlet on sale, originally they cost 35$ all the buttons seem to love to pop off my jeans and I hate it. I have owned one pair of heels in my life, 10$ at Target and they broke this year lol I had my roommates son play DRESS UP to entertain the kids because my Mom decided to pawn them off on me and he broke them. I wish I had more clothes and stuff, but I hate shopping THAT MUCH and buying online I rather not do personally because everytime I do that it's too big or too small and I hate to deal with sending it back and all that. I have bough shoes online from hot topic once though, and a hoodie which I had no problems with.
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28 Dec 2010, 06:10
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I guess I don't have major spending trends since I tend to pay differing amounts for items. BUT - I do love to hit up sales, especially ones where you spend x amount of money and take x amount off. For example, Lane Bryant bras (only kind I buy) are currently buy 2, get 2 free. That's about fifty bucks for four great bras that would normally cost a fortune.
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28 Dec 2010, 06:48
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Ah yes, I was raised on sales. I take more after my Pa than my Ma so that must explain my dislike for shopping. Don't you just LOVE the ones where you save more than spent? Those are rare, I was thrilled when I did that when I bought jeans for 15$ that were originally 35$, they were a decent pair too, except the button broke off on me argh. I have button issues.
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28 Dec 2010, 15:04
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Oh for all pregnant women my sister is having her second and last child, when she puts her stuff on ebay, her clothes I mean, maternity she is the same way only likes the trendy stuff I will post an entry with a link to her account, if it were me, the pregnant one, I'd personally send it out free to you bloopers... I give clothes to friends that I out grow all the time free [mainly shirts] but she needs to make an income somehow, shouldn't be that much, she just looks to clean out her closet. I should post Ma's ebay link again though, all she has to sell are juniors and little boys clothes and she's not expensive either. Ah sorry a wee bit buzzed here, in my lovey, giving generous mood.
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29 Dec 2010, 14:12
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This is an awesome suggestion! I started checking out their site and they have awesome bra's and deals!
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28 Dec 2010, 15:39
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My typical spending on clothes would be, M is my maximum
40-60 for jeans, M100
40 for a day dress, M70
50 for going out dresses, M100
20 for t-shirts, M30
30-40 for other tops, M60
Shoes, it depends, I don't like cheap shoes, they're not very comfy and they don't last very long, so if I have the money and I like a pair of shoes I will happily pay for them.

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29 Dec 2010, 08:21
Winged Centaur
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Worth it to whom? Paying that much for clothes isn't worth it to me because I don't have that much money in my budget for clothes. I would prefer to buy groceries over clothing. However, if there was money in my budget for clothing, I could certainly understand spending more on a clothing item that was of more quality, especially shoes, because then they would last longer, be more comfortable, etc.

If your spending is not above your means, then there really isn't a problem.
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29 Dec 2010, 18:12
HorrorVixen XO
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jeans: $30-$40 MAX: $75
shirts: $15- $30 MAX: $40
hoodies: $30-$50 MAX: $75
shoes[Jordans only]: $75 MAX: $100
dressey clothes[blouse & pants]: $150

I love having small feet b.c I can buy my Jordans at Kids Foot Locker and not have to pay full price in my size. Also I rearly buy myself clothes so when I do, i make sure they're worth the price and fit right.
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