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Stopping a dog from jumping.
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16 Dec 2010, 17:25
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My room mate has a 7 month old puppy. She has a problem of jumping on people and children. Not only myself and the other room mates, but anyone that comes over and a niece of a roomate.

The "House Rule" that we are ALL trying to accomplish is to not have the puppy jump on people.
Even when company comes over, all three of us try to correct the puppy; but NOTHING is working.

I have tried turning my back on her. I've tried holding her down by her harness - but with that, once you let her go she starts jumping. I've tried "time outs" in a room. And the puppy's owner has tried nudging her, or smacking her lightly on the nose, and saying her name sternly.

It's even to the point where we can't even put down her water or food without being tackled, and then the jumping causes a mess.

I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before, and how they corrected it. I'm seriously out of ideas.
The puppy is very sensitive to loud noises, so we don't shout or scream at her. And this does not mean that I dislike the puppy. The puppy is a sweetheart.
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16 Dec 2010, 18:06
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What kind of puppy is she? I had a huge problem with my mom's boxer & my lab because of jumping. Most hyper dogs will do that as puppies & really the only thing I can think to tell you is they will eventually grow out of it. It's just the puppy in them. I did however when I had company over roll up a newspaper and pop her on the behind because of it. It doesn't hurt, just the noise it makes scares them. It will stop the behavior for the time being but it doesn't prevent them from doing it again later.
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16 Dec 2010, 18:21
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She is a Rot/Pit/Lab or Shepard mix.
I'll have to try the rolled up newspaper. Thanks for the idea!
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18 Dec 2010, 22:19
Sunlight Silence
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An obedience class could help... if the puppy learns commands like "sit" "down" and "stay" then simply using the commands would stop her from jumping. Pet shops like Petco often have these classes for pretty cheap so you don't have to hire private trainers etc and then the puppy learns some socialization skills as well.
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21 Dec 2010, 15:13
*~Loving You~*
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Does the puppy know its commands like sit stay? Use those or do what victoria steilwell (its me or the dog) if over excited remove the dog for a few mins to another room practice repeatly

Does this pup gets running time? Sounds like this dog has alot of enegry

My lab is 8 months she once in a while jump but we say no in a firm voice along with bacj turns she gets very excited to see ppl as well I remove her if she doesnt greet them calmly (if she doesnt give them a chance to come in n settle)

Good luck
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17 Dec 2010, 06:56
& skull.
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don't smack the pup on the nose. it makes them hand shy and more likely to snap at a hand that comes over to pat it.

are you doing everything consistently? consistency in the key. puppies are PEA BRAINS. it takes them a while to understand. how long did you try each technique for?

have you tried spraying her with a water bottle? my pup's problem was barking when he wanting attention. we tried ignoring, crating, pushing him away, yelling at him [stupid members of my family did anyway], but all of those things either got him more excited, or pissed him off. water bottle however, life saver. he didn't like it one bit. now you only have to stand near the bottle for him to reconsider what he's doing. it might be a bit more difficult to spray her if she's jumping, but a quick spray to the face will disconnect her little mind from what she's doing for a second and she may sit back down or at least not jump.

i'd also suggest having her on a lead when company is around, and using the spray bottle as well so she learns not to jump on people if she's excited. just have the person being jumped on turn around and completely ignore her and give her a quick spray. she'll figure out that when she jumps, she gets no attention and a wet face.
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19 Dec 2010, 06:48
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@ & skull We just moved in here about a month ago, and I automatically started bringing my knee up to guard myself, and also holding her down by her harness.
I'll definitly try the water bottle! My mom did that to her cat when she got her and it worked, like what you said.

Thanks to everyone else for the ideas!
One of my roomie's neices is coming for Christmas and I've been kind of nervous about the puppy jumping on her, as she is only 4 years old.

I'll definitly give each idea a try!
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18 Dec 2010, 03:44
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The dog trainer taught Ma to put pennies in a empty water bottle and shake it when they're bad, it works and the noise is loud and annoying.
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19 Dec 2010, 03:19
Immortal Shadows
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When she jumps up, bring your knee up into her chest, not too hard, and say a really stern "No". That helped us get our dog to stop jumping up.
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19 Dec 2010, 09:48
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A good old google search brought me this:

How to train your puppy by yourself, you are your puppy's best trainer :
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20 Dec 2010, 15:05
kein mitleid
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You could cut off its legs and rename the dog "Cigarette."

"Cigarette," because periodically you take it out for a drag.
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24 Dec 2010, 05:22
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ROFL win.
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