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So weird, about the frontpage
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7 Dec 2010, 03:47
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Something weird that's been happening for a couple of years, and only occasionally.

Sometimes, when I go to the same page, all the links would be a different color, something other than blue. Sometimes all the links would be red, sometimes they'd be a lime green, sometimes a completely different color. You can refresh the page and it'll go back to normal, but it's so weird.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, why does this happen?
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7 Dec 2010, 04:11
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Do you use FF? I've noticed that my browser does that too - places other than here, sometimes. Not sure why...
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9 Dec 2010, 03:56
lithium layouts.
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Happens to me too (I use Firefox). I think it, for some reason, temporarily takes the colours of the links from whichever previous diary you were on. I find it quite trippy. xD
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7 Dec 2010, 04:51
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I have noticed that as well usually they are the color of the last diary i read are (i hope that is understandable)
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7 Dec 2010, 07:09
Miss Ice Fingers
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That happens to me all the time but only on my favourites page.
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8 Dec 2010, 01:05
Post Count: 118
It happens to me too. And only here. It's bizarre, but not malicious, so I never paid much attention to it.
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8 Dec 2010, 04:24
Post Count: 1010
Lol that happens to me all the time. Steve said something about it once but I don't remember what he said. I've had it... blue (diff. shade of blue), pink, brown (ew), green, and prob. a few others as well. A few I took screen shots of.
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8 Dec 2010, 18:18
Post Count: 507
Never had this happen to me. Post some screenshots!!!!

By the by, I use Chrome or Safari for a browser. If that matters any.
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8 Dec 2010, 18:37
Post Count: 1938
The next time it happens, I'll be sure to take a screenshot, but I'm fairly sure this happens exclusively with Firefox, and only on Bloop. In the meantime, I think I've taken a screenshot before -- I'll try to find it.
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9 Dec 2010, 01:48
♪ Jen ♫
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Never happened to me either, I use FF.
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9 Dec 2010, 23:21
Post Count: 1938
@Doc: It happened again!

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9 Dec 2010, 23:22
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I had just gotten off of this page, where the links are black, but some of the text is green. Why would that transfer to all of the links on the main page?
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8 Dec 2010, 23:30
Oprah Noodlemantra
Post Count: 300
It's happened to me with Chrome, so I don't think it's exclusively Firefox.
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9 Dec 2010, 04:17
Post Count: 96
I'm almost certain I've seen screen shots of this before...

And it has only happened to me once. Hasn't happened since I started using Chrome.
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10 Dec 2010, 01:39
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Happens to me on Chrome all the time!
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10 Dec 2010, 05:18
Bloop Owner
Post Count: 109
It's a browser bug for sure, not a Bloop bug.
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