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Dog lovers/owners
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2 Nov 2010, 23:03
Meghans Follie
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Whats the best way to introduce a new dog to another dog? We're ready to take on another dog, and Roxy does well with younger/smaller dogs. Any suggestions on how to introduce Roxy to the new dog when we find one that we want to adopt?
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3 Nov 2010, 02:30
Aspiring Boxer
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I'm typing this on my phone so please excuse any typos..

As for the best way to introduce two completely stranger dogs, it is usually done in neutral territory. If you're adopting from a shelter, ask them if they will allow you to do a meeting with Roxy and the potential adoption dog. Some shelters won't (which I don't understand why but oh well) so it's best to ask them.

Or if you get a dog from a reputable breeder or another pet owner who has to give up his/her dog, introduce the two dogs to each other outside, in some neutral territory, like a park. If they both hit it off, that's a good sign. Be sure to get new food bowls for the new dog so Roxy won't have to "give up" her things. Also, bring in new toys. That might help them play together. It really depends on how jealous Roxy can get. Cricket and Spike (my dogs) got along perfectly fine and I didn't do any kind of introduction before I got Spike. 'Course, that was when I was living on my own and Cricket was at my parents' so I didn't have to worry about introducing them. But when I had to move back in with my parents, Cricket and Spike did just fine.

My phone won't let me scroll up so I can't remember if I said everything I wanted to say in the above. If not, I'll see when I get on the computer and write more.

Hope this helps!
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3 Nov 2010, 23:40
Meghans Follie
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Thank you. :) We've got bowls and toys picked out. Just havent gotten the pet bed yet since not all dogs will use one. Now just to find the right dog...

We're probably going to take one from base that needs a new home and hopefully the owners will be willing to let them meet first before we take the dog home.
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9 Nov 2010, 21:37
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I know when we got our last dog we had our others out side and after the puppy got settled (laying on the couch in ones lap) we let the others in and completely ignored the fact that there was a new dog there were a few times growls and snips were given but our other dogs accepted our puppy realizing he was here to stay no matter what. We did the whole separate food dishes and the others took them over and the same with the toys we just gave our old dogs a little more attention in the following days. Not much use but it is what we did with our hope you can use something from it. I also hope you have a smooth introduction when you do find the right dog.
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