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My birthday in 15 hours. So here's what we're go
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19 Oct 2010, 00:51
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Orange Juice and Malibu Pineapple Rum. To die for. Also Jack Daniel's Down Home Punch. I used to do Spirte and Vodka.
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19 Oct 2010, 00:56
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
Sprite and Southern Comfort
Dr Pepper and Southern Comfort

Frozen margaritas
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19 Oct 2010, 04:20
just samma;
Post Count: 204
cherry whiskey & 7up
porn stars.
killer kool aide
jolly rancher
violent fuck
double mud
pure mud
red bull & grey goose.
sour puss (any color, straight, on ice)
long island iced tea
sex on the beach
vodka 7
vodka & cranberry juice
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19 Oct 2010, 09:40
Post Count: 1938
@Samma: "red bull & grey goose."

You can die from that. No thanks.
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19 Oct 2010, 10:52
& skull.
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you'd have to be drinking lots of it though wouldn't you?
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19 Oct 2010, 12:57
just samma;
Post Count: 204
please explain.
i'm really curious.
mainly because i've been drinking that for years and haven't keeled over yet...
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19 Oct 2010, 23:46
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Me too. I don't see how one could be that dangerous, especially since it's a really popular mixture offered in most bars around where I live. I'm guessing it has to do with the Red Bull being an upper and alcohol being a downer thing, but really, you'd have to drink a crapload for it to make THAT big of a difference!
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22 Oct 2010, 15:17
Post Count: 263
Vodka and redbull is my drink of choice, and I drink a lot of them sometimes lol. I've never died from it, that sounds ridiculous.
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23 Oct 2010, 02:46
just samma;
Post Count: 204
i know right!
i drink red bull on the regular.
usually three or four times a week, & at least two or three 475 ML cans with grey while i'm out or pre-gaming.
i've been drinking it for years.
i love it.
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19 Oct 2010, 12:26
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
i agree with skull.. like she said, u'd have to be drinking A LOT of them. when i drink them, my limit is 3(small cans) and prolly like 1, if its the HUGE can.
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19 Oct 2010, 15:57
HorrorVixen XO
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samma: i'm with u!! i've been drinking REDBULL for years. BUT i do know a person who died from drinking MASSIVE amounts of redbull. he worked with my husband at a market. he drank 3 big redbulls a day!! one of his heart valves exploded from too much caffine(redbull). he was only 23 years old.
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20 Oct 2010, 03:50
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Crown Royal + Coke = MY FAV!

Long Island Ice Tea

Skyy Vodka

Paul Masson Brandy

Bacardi Coconut Rum
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20 Oct 2010, 17:45
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I'm doubtful about the exploding heart valves thing! I mean red bull contains caffeine and if you drink HUGE amounts of caffeine (regardless of it's form, coffee, tea, red bull, whatever) then it can cause an irregular heart rythm and I guess it's possible you could die from that if it was severe, but I'd think it's very unlikely unless you have an underlying heart condition. I'd also guess it's possible that if you already had an underlying problem with one of your heart valves (which mainly may not be previously diagnosed), and then you put your heart under additional strain, then you could develop heart failure. But I highly doubt the heart valves would explode as such.
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20 Oct 2010, 20:06
HorrorVixen XO
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im sorry but that's what the toxicology report told the parents. he had a kidney issue a while back but idk if that played into it. i know ur heart takes on a lot.
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22 Oct 2010, 05:29
Opie's Old Lady
Post Count: 459
Jack & Coke or just a plain old shot of Jack. Trust me don't go cheap on the Whiskey, you will feel like you burned 2 layers of your stomach lining off if you do that. I did a shot of Canadian Whiskey.... wish I could have that moment back. That shit is NASTY
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22 Oct 2010, 23:57
Post Count: 885
Ooh something I really like is Pucker (it's reallllllllly sour) mixed with sprite/7up. I really like the watermelon one mixed that way.
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23 Oct 2010, 00:06
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
jager bomb!
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