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Dreams about Bloopers.
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6 Oct 2010, 22:52
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So last night I had a dream with LN, Red Frag, and & skull in it.

Basically, it started with me in some cafe in Edinburg when I ran into Red Frag. So we started talking for a while, when she started taking pictures. Then LN comes up in camping gear and a giant backpack, saying she was backpacking around Europe. So we all sat down and got into a political debate. It got a bit heated before Ev, who was, for some reason, working at the cafe, joined in on it. Then Bloopers just came out of buses, skydiving, cars, out of the goddamn woodwork to join in on the debate. Pretty soon, 3,000 people, all members on Bloop, crowded this small section of town, just about to riot. Then my roommate woke me up.

Anyone else have any dreams about Bloop, or about people from Bloop?
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6 Oct 2010, 23:05
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@Anonymous Source: Haha, I'd say that's a fairly accurate representation of me. That's probably what would happen. I take far too many pictures. I don't live in Edinburgh, but I guess I'm near enough that it's believable you could bump into me there, lol. And all Americans think of Edinburgh when they think of Scotland. ;) (Well that, or they think it's all mountains and castles!) Ah, a big Bloop meet in Edinburgh... it would be such fun. Shame it wasn't real.

I've dreamt about the Bloopers that I've met or know I'm going to meet. I definitely recall dreaming about Beth (Fight or Flight) and Sarah (I Am Potassium). Usually it's just been a dream that I've been visiting them, or they've been visiting me. I can't remember who else.
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7 Oct 2010, 03:09
*~Loving You~*
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Lol nope but 2night I might just bc I'm reading this b4 bed

I usually get dreams abt ppl @ work I hate it >.< its like okay I work then I dream 2 work! Lol
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6 Oct 2010, 23:00
HorrorVixen XO
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i've had dreams about broke and famous(rocio) and homefulloftoddlers+1(krystal).. with rocio, we were doin some crazy shit. with krystal, i was visiting her, i fell and she laughed so hard, her water broke!
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6 Oct 2010, 23:25
Greta Garbage
Bloop Community Organizer
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I had a dream a few weeks ago about Emily (The Mrs. {+2}. Well really it was about her son, Jacob. I was carrying him around this place in a waffle costume and we ended up in some diner with a bunch of people and he was eating his waffle costume which turned out to be real waffles. He was making a mess on my lap and I was cracking up the entire time. Yeah, it was pretty weird.
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7 Oct 2010, 00:39
& skull.
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well it was definitely a dream considering i'd never debate politics in a million years.

i've dreamt about An Empty Frame, international and .Blue Bella. before.
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7 Oct 2010, 02:46
Jessica [Private]
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Hahaha, I feel like such a nerd.
I dream about everyone. I've had so many bloop dreams where it's just a congregation of everyone. And everyone introduces themselves as their diary name.

I've also had one where we had this big huge costume party.
I think it was like the middle of summer last year. ;D
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7 Oct 2010, 05:22
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I've had weird dreams where I walked into the computer and everyone's diary was like their house. So when you walked into their diary it was their home. Then when you came back to the main page it was like a communal thing with benches.
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7 Oct 2010, 23:52
Chèvre noble
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Lol... you dreamt about political debates?

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8 Oct 2010, 00:10
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@Chev: Hah... I guess I did. Rather sad, in retrospect...
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