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Myth or fact?? You decide...
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5 Oct 2010, 01:10
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Okay's time for another heated discussion about something pointless! :]

Last night I was reading up on a website about evap lines. You would not believe the arguments these people were getting into!!! So, now it's our turn! I want to know your opinion...
Some people say that evap lines do exist. That you SHOULD NOT look at the hpt after the alotted time. That results after that time are INVALID!

Others say that a line is a line is a line. Even if the positive line shows up after the 5-10 min. mark, it's still a POSITIVE!!!

So, what do you think? Are evap lines real....or a myth?
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5 Oct 2010, 02:18
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I think you shouldn't necessarily assume an evap line is a legit result. Any results after the allotted time are most likely just natural changes in the chemicals that cause lines to appear. But of course, there are going to be cases where an evap line shows, and the girl rly is pregnant, but the odds of having this happen are about the same as having a false negative.
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5 Oct 2010, 02:33
Jessica [Private]
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...I don't really get why this is an argument.
If you believe you're pregnant - shouldn't you be going to the doctor anyhow?
Why bother sitting at home starring at a pee stick hoping an evap line pops up?

Looking at the fact that those tests aren't even 100% accurate most of the time (they can be taken wrong, etc, etc.), there's a reason the boxes say invalid after such and such time.

If you're pregnant, you'll notice eventually with or without the test.
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5 Oct 2010, 07:47
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Who's arguing about this? If you think you're pregnant, go to the goddamn doctor.
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5 Oct 2010, 09:13
& skull.
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