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How much do you know about religion?
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4 Oct 2010, 17:52
Madeline Rain
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A recent survey that measured Americans' knowledge of religion found that atheists and agnostics knew more, on average, than followers of most major faiths.

So here is a quiz: How much do you really know about religion?

For the record, I got 14 out of 15 correct. And I'm agnostic.
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7 Oct 2010, 05:01
Post Count: 79
I would take the quiz but apparently my internet sucks.
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7 Oct 2010, 10:54
*~Loving You~*
Post Count: 507
Wish I could take the test on my phone (no internet access - just moved)

I'm a catholic 4 sure that I know lol
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7 Oct 2010, 14:04
Post Count: 322
I got 11/15 for a 73 %. I got one of the questions about school wrong. I had no idea who Joseph Smith was.
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9 Oct 2010, 02:27
Meghans Follie
Post Count: 433
you answered 15 out of 15 questions correctly for a score of 100%

*shrugs* I would of thought that most of those were common sense things, but then both my father (a chaplain/pastor) and my senior yr Bible teacher insisted that we be exposed to many different faiths and their teachings
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4 Oct 2010, 18:14
Post Count: 2651
I got 60%, but the questions I got wrong were mostly aimed at Americans. And thanks to my poor memory from Sunday school I got a couple of the bible ones wrong too. I got all the questions on Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists correct. And I'm Christian. Hence proving the point I think that this isn't really about what religion you are but about how educated you are. Here in the UK kids are taught about ALL religions. Few kids attend single religion schools and virtually none are homeschooled (I'd guess the vast majority of home schooled American kids are never taught anything about any religion except Christianity). I also suspect religious education is not to the same standard in American public schools as it is here in the UK, and I think that partly explains why there's, as far as I can tell, more religious tension and segregation there than here. And of course athiests are more likely to make the effort to educate themselves.
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4 Oct 2010, 18:21
Post Count: 22
I scored 73% (11 out of 15). And I'm Christian.
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4 Oct 2010, 18:31
Post Count: 274
I got 14/15, and I'm Catholic.
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4 Oct 2010, 18:41
Post Count: 1096
I took this quiz yesterday and the ones I didn't answer correctly were concerning the american school system, one was whether or not a teacher can lead a prayer and I can't remember the second one, so 13/15, I'm an atheist.
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4 Oct 2010, 19:57
Post Count: 68
I missed one. I'm an atheist.
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4 Oct 2010, 20:32
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
I scored 14/15 and I'm a Mormon.
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4 Oct 2010, 20:40
jessi bear(:
Post Count: 300
I got 11/15. The ones I missed were about Jewish and Islam practices. I am a Christian.
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4 Oct 2010, 21:10
Mojo Jojo
Post Count: 278
14/15, thought Sabbath began on Saturday.
I'm a practising Anglican
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4 Oct 2010, 21:26
Post Count: 221
13/15, missed one Jewish question and one Buddhism question.
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4 Oct 2010, 21:34
Post Count: 118
14/15. I'm Wiccan.

I have to admit though that I took educated guesses on the US education system questions. I really had to dig deep to try to remember what I'd heard on American tv.
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4 Oct 2010, 22:28
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
15/15 :D

Although I guessed on which day the Jewish Sabbath began. I thought it was Monday, honestly (and that wasn't a choice.)
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4 Oct 2010, 23:03
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
oh :|
And I'm Non-practicing Catholic, lol.
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4 Oct 2010, 23:00
♥ jes
Post Count: 135
Haha. Wow. :|

I went to a Christian school from 4th grade on. I haven't been to church since early 2008.

& I still only got 8/15, lol. We did learn about other religions, but we didn't go into a lot of depth. I wish it would've.
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4 Oct 2010, 23:10
♥ jes
Post Count: 135
Woops, lol! Oh well. :D
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5 Oct 2010, 00:26
c'est la vie.
Post Count: 6
One wrong. WTF. P:
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5 Oct 2010, 01:50
Post Count: 1938
15/15, babyyy, though I guessed on the First Awakening question.
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5 Oct 2010, 02:37
Post Count: 274
the First Awakening question was the one I got wrong.
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5 Oct 2010, 03:12
Post Count: 288
Ditto Valerie.

Christian over here (though "wading in the Tiber")
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7 Oct 2010, 04:23
Post Count: 53
I only knew about the Great Awakening because Seth wrote a report about it last year.
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5 Oct 2010, 06:44
Post Count: 751
I got 10/15..I'm Christian.
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