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IUD / Mirena
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1 Oct 2010, 04:41
HorrorVixen XO
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i actually had the paraguard IUD aka the copper one.. lemme tell u.. the cramping was sooooo bad!! i always had heavy periods. even tho its on the cheap side, i will never ever get it!

i obviously cannot get the mirena b.c of how much i gotta pay upfront.. we have a friend of ours who is the president of our health insurence that's gonna look into it.. mirena is 100% covered by the isurence but the drs want the $700-$800 upfront!!

i'm thinking of the implantation but like everyone else, i'm nervous.. i've heard about it breaking but then again the person was fckn with it! idk.. we'll see! all i know is that i need some form of b.c asap!!
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1 Oct 2010, 05:41
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I'm not really worried my implanon is gonna break. its pretty flexible .. and its in a place that doesnt really get messed with. (under my left arm... I'm right handed)

Plus unlike IUDs, if it breaks.. you'll know with a simple touch.. IUD can move and you not know a thing. My friend still felt her strings when her's moved.

The surgical procedure is really nothing.. they numb the site.. cut a tiny incision bout |---| yay big.. stick it in there under the skin.. no stitches .. just a steristrip and let heal.. to get it out..same thing.. numb, cut a small incision, get it out... let it heal.. My OB was super gentle and very attentive to if I was in pain.. and literally.. all I felt was the numbing shot. Now any time I see my OB (literally.. my friend used him and just had a baby.. I went with her to a few appointments) he checks it also. Which is cool.. bc who's OB remembers you later? lol I even have him on facebook :P

yes, I know.. I facebook stalked my OB.. what can I say.. the man is good looking..
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1 Oct 2010, 14:07
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My wife has the implanon. She bled almost continualy for 7-8 months before her body finally got used to it. But now she hardly bleeds at all. I would suggest the implanon if that's a choice for you. My wife tried to have an IUD put in but it was too painful, they couldn't even get it in the right place. I don't remember why they said, but eh.
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2 Oct 2010, 01:02
~*Queen Bee*~
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I have the Mirena IUD. I've had it for almost 2.5 years now. No pain when I had it put in, no problems so far. Can't feel it during sex and for the first 2 years didn't have a period at all. Past couple months I've had bad cramps for a few days and then spotted for a few days but that's the extent of it. My insurance at the time paid for it 100% and I am very happy I have it. It's worry free and maintanace free and you can't beat that.
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2 Oct 2010, 01:55
one + twins.
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I just got my second one yesterday--the first one i had to have removed d/t really bad abdominal cramps. I cramped afterward yesterday but today i'm fine. I think [hope!] my insurance will pay for this one, he he.
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2 Oct 2010, 11:50
& skull.
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-shudder- iuds sound terrible. i've heard nothing but horror stories. i'd rather take the pill. i've never had an issue with it, and i don't have to worry about it rotting inside me, puncturing me or making me bleed heavily.
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