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Words With Friends
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19 Sep 2010, 02:15
.Blue Bella.
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Hey all...

Who has the Words with Friends iPhone app? Am looooooving it, so addicted!
If anyone wants to add me my username for it is mummagenes
If you do add me and start a game, make use of the little messenger tab and tell me who you are!!!!
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19 Sep 2010, 02:23
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I'll have to look for that app. Been busy with Angry Birds myself. Halfway through it. heh
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19 Sep 2010, 02:25
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
LOL I just downloaded that but I haven't played it yet.

For those not in the know, Words with Friends is scrabble.
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19 Sep 2010, 06:00
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I have that app on my iPod. My user name is Ambular27. If anyone plays a game with me leave me a message on the chat to say you're from Bloop.
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