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pregnancy and depression
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12 Sep 2010, 03:50
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Who out there has suffered with depression while they were pregnant? What did you do to over come it? I am currently experiencing depression and I am 13 weeks pregnant. I have not been able to cope very well with things and was curious to see how some other mom's out there have.
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12 Sep 2010, 04:57
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I've always been depressed but I've never been pregnant and SSRI's aren't good to take durring pregnancy which I was re-searching a safe one but I found an article if that helps:
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12 Sep 2010, 13:20
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We didn't realize how depressed I was during pregnancy until it got worse afterward. While I was pregnant I kept my family and friends with me, I found that if I spent too much time alone I started feeling so down I wouldn't even get up. After I had my son they diagnosed me with PPD and bi polar, they started me on meds. If it gets really bad I recommend talking to your doctor, how you feel affects the baby. Good luck!
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12 Sep 2010, 18:49
Dreamer ♥
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I was depressed during my pregnancy to the point I was almost self harming whilst pregnant. I also couldn't handle the whole sharing of my body. I hated being pregnant and have decided for this reason, I won't be having anymore children. I was induced for this reason. It got bad afterwards and took a while to get over it. Talk to people, take whatever help is offered, whatever you do, don't sit in silence.
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15 Sep 2010, 01:33
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I had this conversation with my OBGYN today.. I suffer from depression normally and have been fighting it w/o medication but it is seeming to get worse. He wants me to discuss it with my regular doc (because he -OBGYN- can't prescribe me the meds).. get a list of anti-depressants that they are willing to put me on.. then bring back the list to him and we'll discuss what is best for baby and me. I don't want to be on the medicine while pregnant but the stress I'm causing myself isn't any good for the baby so it's sort of necessary. The doc says it won't hurt the baby at all and that it's not abnormal for pregnant women to be on anti-depressants. you just have to be careful with which one. if you need someone to talk to.. I'm here (oh and I'm 23 weeks pregnant)
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15 Sep 2010, 04:30
*Forever Changing*
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I was on meds before I got pregnant and I am on them now that I gave birth, while I was pregnant I did not take any medicine but I did a lot of coping skills, there were still hard days. Go for a walk, exercise is a natural combatant against depression. I also kept a schedule it was easier to get myself out of bed if I had something to do. If you need anything, PM me, I will give you my tips.
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12 Sep 2010, 07:33
.Blue Bella.
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I was diagnosed with ante-natal depression with my first.
I had counselling and there are some antidepressants that can be used in pregnancy. I didn't take any but maybe talk to your doctor about it.
I also found that it helped having a good support network of friends and family.
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12 Sep 2010, 21:14
Mojo Jojo
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I was depressed sporadically when pregnant with my son, usually when I couldn't work out how I would manage the changes in my life and my husband wasn't overly supportive. I surrounded myself with pregnant friends and tried to keep communication going, even when I wanted to hide away. I actually got much better after 24 weeks, when I started to realise I wouldn't lose the baby (miscarried my first baby early on and was hounded with fear) and began to adapt. Everyone's different, but definitely talk to your midwife or doctor because you don't have to suffer alone.
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12 Sep 2010, 23:37
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thank you, I am so glad people can relate and are willing to share their experiences. I am spending quite a lot of time alone right now with my boyfriend and I in school and him going right to work immediately after. He's gotta pay bills somehow though, I realize he's doing the best he can. Both of our schedule's are hectic but I know its for the better of us. But somewhere in my mind I wish he'd just stop going to school and work and spend time with me. I've sat and talked to him about my feelings and him and I both agree we need to talk to my doctor.
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13 Sep 2010, 07:26
Dreamer ♥
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Have you got many friends or family you can hang out with. If they aren't comfortable with it then, it will sound harsh, they really weren't your friends in the first place. Have you tried googling your area for any mum-to-be groups as such? Is there any centers of the sort around? Most friends and family are good though. Even if you just have to sit in someone else's house, I always find that is better than sitting in my house! lol!
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14 Sep 2010, 00:26
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Yeah, My boyfriend and I have friends that we hangout with all the time, just sometimes it not enough. I need my alone time with him.
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13 Sep 2010, 14:55
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I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety before I was pregnant and had been steadily taking meds to control the depression, it did get worse but my DR upped my medicine and it was easier to control. It really does help if you have people to talk to, have you tried pregnancy boards there are women on those all day and it gives you something to do other than being alone and thinking all day... If your in a state that still has sun, the vitamin D is really good for boosting your moods and you can try meditation. But deffinetly dont feel like you are alone because you aren't and try talking to your dr about it. If you wanna talk any more just shoot me a message or comment.
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13 Sep 2010, 19:13
Blitch. [+1]
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^ That Lacey [Brycen's Mommy] up there is a good listener, I highly recommend her. ;-D
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