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2 Sep 2010, 22:30
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
The skin between the nuts and the hole is a gooch!
Urbandictionary is wrongggg. ;D
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3 Sep 2010, 00:09
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
No no no it's the perineum!
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3 Sep 2010, 00:14
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Haha, that's too technical! And perineum is for both men and women, isn't it? Gooch is just guys ;D
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2 Sep 2010, 15:58
The Mama
Post Count: 51
I just C&P'd that from lol
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3 Sep 2010, 17:28
Emily the Strange
Post Count: 195
lol dicks...I haven't had a bag of dicks in ages!
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3 Sep 2010, 17:39
Post Count: 144
Dicks are so tasty I wish I could eat them all day ;D
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4 Sep 2010, 15:07
Emily the Strange
Post Count: 195
haha! I've been in seattle for nearly a year now, and that still makes me giggle.
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3 Sep 2010, 18:01
Post Count: 134
Ode to the choad on facebook:
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4 Sep 2010, 16:09
Post Count: 180
so far North is in the lead (with votes) my guess is if its a tie between north and south both will get one?

Dicks are ugly.. fat, skinny, short, long. all ugly. But i do prefer mine long lol :-P
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7 Sep 2010, 00:40
Post Count: 1010
I agree w/ you on that. But mine knows what to do w/ his... and his mouth. ;)
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4 Sep 2010, 16:33
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
i just like them to feel good..
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8 Sep 2010, 00:30
Post Count: 111
I dont know what Dick's is, but i voted North anyway lol :D And also, choads are gross, but micropeenies are grosser! I met a boy with a penis the size of my thumb once (erect). I'm not even kidding. I saw it and was in such awe that someone could walk around with a wang that tiny that i actually held my thumb up next to it. Totally scarred me for life.
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8 Sep 2010, 01:20
Post Count: 144
Yeah its like a bad car wreck, you can't help but stare even though you know you shouldnt.
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13 Feb 2011, 18:10
Post Count: 8

"The area between your srotum and rectum... from the mid 1800's when this was thought to be a muscle. In 1879, it first showed up in medical books as Chodimus Maximus, and was later shortened to Chode in 1903. In 1920 it was discovered to actually not be a muscle, but the name stuck!!!
In french it is known as the Taint and the Souix Indian Tribe effectionately called it the fleshy fun bridge
Gold bond feels good on a sweaty chode!!!"
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