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What do you do, when you make a poo?
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2 Sep 2010, 01:14
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I loved all of your responces. I'd smoke a cigarette too but I'm not allowed because I am renting and my roommate would probably flip a shit and seeing how I respect the owner and hate my roommate. I wouldn't want to stink up the owners house. There was a time though when my roommate was gone one weekend and I had a small drinking party and we smoked pot and cigarettes in the house. I'm so glad that I aired it out that night though because the owner came over in the morning. We smoked in the family room which is by a sliding door so I just kept turning the portable fan off, spraying with the door open, and using the ceiling fan at all times as well.
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2 Sep 2010, 01:15
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*turning portable fan off, spraying then turning it back on.

--sorry long day. Got stuck at the office for 11 hours.
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7 Sep 2010, 12:40
Mojo Jojo
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Read a book, especially if it's late at night. Often I end up having my toddler come in to see what I'm doing, so I have to try and stop him wrecking the bathroom, from my toilet vantage point. Not easy.
Truly, this is a grim topic.
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7 Sep 2010, 22:35
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I read if I know I'm going to be a while...otherwise, in and out.
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