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What do you do, when you make a poo?
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25 Aug 2010, 07:54
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This forum topic was actually something I thought of while taking an ex-lax induced poo [just now, and god did my stomach hurt]?

For long ones back in the day when the lap top was here I'd put it on a stool across from me and find something long to read. Usually if I had a book or magazine handy I'd read that.

Today... I felt the bathroom getting really hot so I stripped and made my poo.

Most of the time I think about things going on in my life.
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25 Aug 2010, 09:12
lithium layouts.
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I tend to go pretty frequently (at least 3 times a day), so I don't really have time to read on the can!
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25 Aug 2010, 09:13
lithium layouts.
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And by that I mean that I go often so that each time I do go, it's usually only for a couple of minutes, max.
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26 Aug 2010, 23:34
*~Loving You~*
Post Count: 507
i just go... if i have my phone i might just look on facebook or bloop to see if i gotten new comments... i dont really take a long time in the bathroom i do what i gotta do then get out... lol

if i cannot go and know i will go a lil later i get out then wait till i gotta go again
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27 Aug 2010, 03:34
Post Count: 260
it never takes me but a minute or two - so I just do my thing, and get out, lol
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25 Aug 2010, 08:16
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Depends on if I'm sick or not. If I'm sick I grab a book (if I'm reading one at the time) or I'll grab a magazine.
I actually keep all of my old magazines in my bathroom. (I know odd place lol. But I have a lot of extra space in there, so they're in a box in a corner.)

Otherwise I pretty much just do my thing and get outta there. Not really a fan of sitting on a toilet when I could be sitting someplace more comfortable.
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25 Aug 2010, 09:15
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
Read or text random family members. If it's my sister I tell her "Hey I'm in the bathroom taking a crap." She tells me I'm disgusting and we go from there.
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25 Aug 2010, 10:16
Greta Garbage
Bloop Community Organizer
Post Count: 309
lol Tami

If its apparent its gonna be awhile I take my book or if I have nothing to read I watch TV. I can see my TV from my toilet lol
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25 Aug 2010, 14:05
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
i read bloop, text, read US mobile, or read a magazine.
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25 Aug 2010, 18:19
jessi bear(:
Post Count: 300
i have a few books on my phone that i downloaded that i read.
i text people.
sometimes i call my mom and don't tell her until i'm done and she freaks out.. that's always a good time, haha.
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25 Aug 2010, 18:21
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Ugh, I can't even tell you how many times my father has called me from the toilet. It's so disturbing.
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26 Aug 2010, 23:35
*~Loving You~*
Post Count: 507
MY MOM DOES THAT! lol, she wouldnt flush she waits till the phone call is over THEN flush... it bugs my dad lol
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25 Aug 2010, 20:28
Love, Rebekah
Post Count: 85
I have a Nintendo DS sitting on the tank. :)
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25 Aug 2010, 22:03
Post Count: 25
We have a basket of books next to the toilet. Sometimes I use my phone and read FML on it but I have always been a book on the can kid. It is actually one of my favorite places to read.
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25 Aug 2010, 22:11
Finally Mrs. Bailey
Post Count: 181
I'm not in there long enough to use a book...I poop more than once a day, so I just do it and go. If there's a book that I'm really into that I'm reading and suddenly I need to go, I'll take it in there, but nothing more than that normally lol.
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25 Aug 2010, 22:23
Post Count: 56
I'm usually in and out. Unless I am sick, then I take a book.
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25 Aug 2010, 22:29
Post Count: 111
I'm the kind of person that cant poo unless i'm in my own house. I also am the farthest thing from a morning person, so i drink a lot of coffee in the am. By noon i have to poop really bad, but if i say screw it and try and go at school..i'll sit down and nothing happens, i cant. So usually by the time i get home i've got some SERIOUS pooing to do, and i'm in there for a little while. Awesome for me, my bathroom is pretty small, and my sink countertop is right across from the toilet. So i just kick off my shoes, put my feet up and poop. It's pretty rad. If you ever get the chance to poop with your feet up, i highly recommend it. Sometimes i bring magazines. Sometimes i just hang out and poo.
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26 Aug 2010, 23:58
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
I always read. It's something my whole family have done. My ex used to find it really weird but it's the height of normality for me!
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27 Aug 2010, 02:29
♥ Mia Famigli
Post Count: 23
I get in and out of the toilet as quick as i can. I hate sitting in there!
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27 Aug 2010, 02:46
Post Count: 21
I do some Sudoku puzzles or text people if I am going to be in there a while! :-D
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28 Aug 2010, 01:01
Post Count: 7
well it depends my mood like if im sick i bring a nancy drew book if my stomache hurts i bring a magazine if i just ned to go i bring my nintendo ds
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28 Aug 2010, 01:22
Post Count: 140
Today my tummy was bothering me so I knew it was going to be a long toilet visit.

Since I'm in the middle of planning my wedding I took my laptop with me :) lol
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29 Aug 2010, 16:03
Post Count: 221
Rigt now, I'm reading Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin, Founding Brothers by Joseph J. ellis, and American Heroes by Oliver North.
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30 Aug 2010, 00:05
Lady Lazarus
Post Count: 126
Tsk Tsk. As a British person, I feel its my duty to inform you all that it simply isn't done to discuss ones bowel movements in public. Shame on you all!

But as you asked so nicely... I generally smoke a cigarette.
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30 Aug 2010, 20:09
Post Count: 377
I feel like such a bad person, but the blatant comma splice in the title of this forum makes me sad. =(

In response to the question: If I can tell that it's going to be a while, I take in a book.
If I'm at work, I feel weird taking a book with me, so I take in my iPod touch and I play games on there.
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