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Yet ANOTHER blackberry question
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2 Aug 2010, 16:51
Tam I Am
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So I just downgraded from my blackberry storm and I want to clear everything off the phone. I know how to get my pictures and things off by using the usb cable and copying everything then deleting it off the phone.

My question is how do I go back to the factory settings? Like no password, no emails, no nothing of any substance but the phone and the basic crap it came with. I mean I'll leave my games and stuff on there, but I just really want to do a master clear of everything on the phone.

Any help is appreciated!
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2 Aug 2010, 16:54
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options/settings -> security options -> General Settings -> push menu key and choose 'wipe handheld'
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2 Aug 2010, 17:08
Tam I Am
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Thank you so much!!
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2 Aug 2010, 18:16
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Np! I didn't finish my post...I was going to say "this should work, let me know if" =)
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3 Aug 2010, 01:08
just samma;
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if you haven't sent it back yet i would 507 it.
just because the error logs can be looked into. Not that the general public has access to that, but i'd do it anyway.
basically you plug it in, be sure the desktop manager is detecting it. close DTM. Pull that battery out, but leave it plugged in.
go to program files (or program files x 86)> common files> research in motion> app loader> loader.exe. it had the icon of a badly drawn cell phone next to it.
Then when the install shield pops up select next, then you will see the communication port detection. it should show your pin, click next, on the device application selection just click next, before you click finish click on advanced first, make sure both of the boxes in there are checked, then click finish.
It should take about 10 minutes for it to error out & then the device will boot up with a JVM 507 reload software.
Then you can either reload the software doing the same thing with the battery in, or just send it back with the 507.
Storms are expected to have stupid issues anyway so nobody will be surprised to get one back with a 507.
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3 Aug 2010, 07:03
Tam I Am
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Oh no. There's no problem with it. I just wanted to wipe it of my data before I sold it to someone else. That's all.
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