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Wikileaks...Good or Bad?
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2 Aug 2010, 12:43
Hey with all the recent news about this website, I was wondering what Bloopers thought of all of this because I am not really sure what to think myself.
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2 Aug 2010, 14:54
& skull.
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what happened exactly? i haven't heard anything.
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3 Aug 2010, 22:32
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Basically, a soldier got some 90,000 documents of classified information pertaining to American soldiers in Afghanistan, and leaked them. Wikileaks went public with them.
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3 Aug 2010, 20:01
kein mitleid
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Wikileaks is good in some ways, but fails to provide the full, impartial story. It's good as an outlet to blow the whistle on cover-ups.

For instance, the helicopter attack that killed two journalists needed to be investigated. However, the video cuts out the part that shows one of the men with the journalists carrying an RPG.
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