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Let's talk about sex, baby!
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24 Jan 2009, 21:03
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How often do you and your partner have sex?
How long have you been together?

If you're single, how often do you have sex and where do you get it from?

Me and my man have been together 9 months, and I get it about three times a week. I'd like it more tho! ;)
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25 Jan 2009, 20:58
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when dev and i were together, we did it about 15-20 times per week the last year or so of our relationship... hahahah
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24 Jan 2009, 21:11
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At the end of march it is my second anniversary of being celibate :(
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24 Jan 2009, 21:21
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we've been together six years. its a bit sporatic atm as im heavily pregnant haha! but usually about twice a wk. used to be twice a month if i was lucky haha!
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25 Jan 2009, 00:06
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My husband and I have been together 3 years, married 6 months, and are lucky to have a three time week! Usually it's two times per week, less the past 2 weeks as I've been sick :P.
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25 Jan 2009, 01:01
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25 Jan 2009, 01:18
The Ryan
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One every hour, and 30 mins for lunch, eh? I'm glad you find time for nutrition amongst your sordid living!!! ;D
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25 Jan 2009, 01:40
LADY, Iniibig Ko
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come take mine PLEASE!
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25 Jan 2009, 02:01
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Like 5 times a month. My man works on the road and he only gets a weekend to come in every month, so we usually average about 5 or 6 times while he is here, that likes two or three times a day when he is here. LOL.
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25 Jan 2009, 02:28
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Yesterday my girl and I did it 10 times. We hadn't seen each other for a week. We live in different towns so our meetings usually consists of lots bed time adventures.
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25 Jan 2009, 02:46
The Ryan
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TEN times a day!? Effort dude! I heard that could KILL a person!!! hahaha
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25 Jan 2009, 04:51
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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Ash, reading ur post made me think of when i was 18. I had a serious bf and we had a hurricane one of many that season. for this hurricane i stayed at his house. we had no power, we couldnt leave. we had nothing to do to occupy us but have sex...all day and all night for like 3 days straight. im suprised i didnt get pregnant....oh wait i was on the shot. lol needless to say central florida had a major baby boom bcuz of all the hurricanes that year. good times good times!
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25 Jan 2009, 17:30
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LOL. That reminds me of when my husband and I were dating and he was away at college and would come in every weekend or every other weekend. We'd eat dinner and disappear to the bedroom for the rest of the night. I think the most in one night for us was six times though. Ten just makes me go :-O. Lol.
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25 Jan 2009, 04:40
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you must have been backed up ash77, lol.

uh, my boyfriend and i almost 11 months old. when we lived together it was 3-5 times a week/everyday of the week. now that he's in college it's less, obviously. but when we do see each other [i go 4-5 days at a time] it's about 3-4 times or more depending on if we have alone time from his roommate, lol. if we're not having sex we might be doing something else. we do have our calm days though.

i love making love!
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25 Jan 2009, 05:21
♥ jes
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let's see..
we've been together for about a month 'n a half, ha.
and we saw eachother alot in december, so it was sex all the time.. 3 - 4 times a day when we were on vacation in Colorado.
now, we won't see eachother for a month. so, when we do see eachother, that's all that gets done. =)
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25 Jan 2009, 05:23
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Well my fiance and I have been together almost 3 years. We have sex, intercourse sex like 4 times a week and we please each other orally everyday. (Whether it's him to me or me to him. It alternates.)

In 2007 I found out I was pregnant in May. When I went to my OBGYN and asked her why it happened (I was on YAZ) she immediately asked me about my sex life. At the time my fiance and I were literally having sex 3 to 4 times a day everyday - she said that my BC probably couldn't keep up with our sex life! ha ha. Great times!
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26 Jan 2009, 23:39
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I told my boyfriend this - he said "I wish" xD
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27 Jan 2009, 01:48
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Hah! I'd never dangle information that such as that happens in Josh's face!!! He'd be disappointed! Lol.
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27 Jan 2009, 02:03
Post Count: 111
Lauren, that sentence was horrendous. Please fix it! :P
Never dangle information that such as that happens in Josh's face??? :P
Bahaha. I'm just being anal.... I think Justin was disappointed :P
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27 Jan 2009, 02:04
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Wow, is it terrible I had to read it twice to realize what was wrong with it?!? Haha. I'm tired. And medicated. So shut yo face xD.
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27 Jan 2009, 04:28
Post Count: 425
Ha ha. Do you want to know what's so funny?

It was his turn tonight - and I read this right after. ha ha. ;-D
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25 Jan 2009, 06:20
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Ok, don't get me wrong, I love sex. I am, however, one of those people whose sex drive just isn't very active, and it never has been. My boyfriend and I have been together nine years. And no, that has nothing to do with my lack of sex drive. lol Usually, we have sex a couple times a month. But I try to keep him happy with more frequent oral sex. It causes friction between us at times, but it obviously hasn't killed our relationship. We're both understanding enough to be able to work things out when it gets bad.
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25 Jan 2009, 11:08
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i've been with oscar 4 years. married for a year and a half. we have sex... uh... hmm. maybe once a week on good times and once a month on bad!!! lol. its not easy with the baby in the bed and breastfeeding kills my libido.
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25 Jan 2009, 11:58
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I'm single, and since I don't generally have sex unless I'm in a relationship with someone, I haven't had sex for almost 3 years!
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25 Jan 2009, 17:03
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Well, when my hand and I have an argument I turn to the blue rocket... But when I run out of batteries I usually go begging my hand for forgiveness.

Loads of "I love you baby, I'm sorry. Please don't walk out on me. I'll be better. I'll use hand sanitizer. We won't use that awful green tea lotion you hate so much. PLEASE BABY PLEASE?!"

What can I say? Relationships take a lot of negotiation. :)
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