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Is cheating ever justified?
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6 Jul 2010, 23:43
Me, I'm Not
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Cheating is Never okay. The excuse of not getting any from your wife or girlfriend is bull. We as women have our times where we just don't want any, for any man (or woman) to use that excuse is childish and really pathetic. You have hands for a reason. :)
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7 Jul 2010, 00:09
- misseriin*
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even if someone is dying
that shit is NOT OKAY!
its not okay if he does it
its not okay if she does it.

getting cheated on is like being stabbed in the heart.
it makes you feel like you will NEVER be good enough for someone
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7 Jul 2010, 01:55
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Yes, my ex pays me $28 dollars for the children. I am not quite sure how he managed that, i know for a fact that he is working. Nothing i can do about it.
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10 Jul 2010, 16:23
Kelsey Lynn xox
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what if your significant other fell into a coma, and you are not sure whether s/he will ever come out of it? would you moving on to another partner be considered cheating?
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11 Jul 2010, 02:13
Jessica [Private]
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@Kelsey Lynn xox: You can get a divorce granted when your significant other is in a coma. There's no need to just "move on" to another partner when you can legally separate from them if you feel they won't ever come out of it.
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11 Jul 2010, 16:15
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Thats a really good question!
Kind of like Cast Away.
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10 Jul 2010, 21:33
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
@expecting: wow.. i cannot believe u get $28 a MONTH for 3 kids... i'm so shocked.
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11 Jul 2010, 06:09
Kelsey Lynn xox
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@jessica: oh, i didn't know that. okay, retract my question respectfully :)
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