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UK Budget........discuss!
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4 Jul 2010, 16:15
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The different wages for different ages annoys me as well, I worked for the Co-op who pay those 18+ the 21+ wage, so I have never been on the lower wage as I'm lazy and didn't get a job until I turned 18, but before minimum wages were set for younger people I had friends who were working for 2 an hour! I know Asda gives all staff full adult wages, I was going to get a job there a few years ago, then the wages were about 7.50 an hour as a day time worker.

I agree with you on the children thing, personally I would never be a parent unless one of us were able to be at home to care for them, whether that meant one of us working in the day, the other in the evening, or just one working, until they were at least in primary school and then I wouldn't be willing to place them with a minder/baby sitting club at school. Now, a lot of people cannot afford to live on one wage, but now a lot of people want so many luxuries, my mum didn't work when me and my sister were young, we were by no means poor, but my parents didn't waste money on cars, SKY tv, expensive clothes or very expensive holidays.

Since becoming a student I have learnt just how cheap it is to live, my rent is 311 a month for a room in a house, where my parents live you can rent an entire house for that, I pay for everything myself which is just my student loan, I could easily spend a little less too, but I love buying clothes!
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4 Jul 2010, 16:35
Acid Fairy
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Well he works at ASDA Living and I know he gets less than 6.50 an hour (which is what I now get and he got all annoyed that I earn more). Odd!

Yeah when I was a kid we had Sky (my dad is football mad), but they only had me and all my toys came from the car boot. I didn't know any different so I was perfectly content.
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4 Jul 2010, 16:40
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Wage probably depends on role, I know in some supermarkets those on the tills earn more than shop floor workers.

Ha, I had a blue plastic box, content, hmm probably just stupid!
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5 Jul 2010, 13:44
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@ Mojo

Currently everyone has a medical assessment to receive DLA, you fill out a very large form, around 60 pages and you must answer with quite a bit of depth, you then need medical information either from your GP or specialist, and then some people also have an assessment at home on top of that. People who receive DLA are allowed to work if they are able to, I'm not saying that man doesn't have a bad back, but you can't always see someone's disability. My aunt has a bad back, she had to have a growth removed from her lower back a few years ago, before it was removed and since she suffers a hell of a lot with her back, but she can still do stuff, she is a cleaner, which isn't exactly easy work, but if she chose to apply for DLA she would be able to qualify.
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