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23 Jan 2009, 14:33
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Anyone know their Hondas? Like body parts wise? I would post a picture to clarify what the hell I'm talking about, but I have no earthly clue as to how.
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23 Jan 2009, 14:41
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Ok, maybe this'll make sense.

Go to:

It's an 87 CRX with the hood up. Right above the headlight, which isn't really part of the hood, (the part with the Honda symbol on it) on my boyfriend's car, someone threw a beer bottle and busted a hole in it. There's also another hole on the same part from before he bought it. Any idea what this part is???

I know it don't make much sense... Sorry...
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24 Jan 2009, 02:36
Music God CJ Plain
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That's part of what is known as the Front Clip.

There's normally 3 parts to a front clip...that part and the 2 fenders.

tell him to go to any auto parts store or Library and look for a Chiltons Guide for that model and year.
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26 Jan 2009, 00:05
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My husband has a Honda Prelude, I'll show this to him and see if he knows anything if not he knows some good Honda Forums you could try.
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23 Jan 2009, 15:39
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Go to a mechanic?
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24 Jan 2009, 02:17
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Try searching the web for Honda car forums. You will have better luck there.
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