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woman, wife, friend.
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1 Jun 2010, 02:29
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maybe not exactly in HER words but she's got a pretty good point.
to all the ladies who were or are IN this position.
listen up!
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1 Jun 2010, 02:39
HorrorVixen XO
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i feel like that sometimes.. especially right now. ugh...
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1 Jun 2010, 03:42
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Oh man, how I could have, at one point in my life, related to this situation. Describes my relationship to a T with my ex. Now I do all that, but I do it with my HUSBAND... and not my friend. :)
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1 Jun 2010, 03:59
Tommy Decentralized
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can someone buy her some speaking lessons please?
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1 Jun 2010, 06:14
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I know, I know... but that's besides the point ;)
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1 Jun 2010, 22:15
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if this was facebook, i would 'like' :P
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