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Major Payne appreciation
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23 Jan 2009, 06:55
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23 Jan 2009, 06:55
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I love you Damon Wayans

Major Payne: Do not attempt to valid my authority. I have eight weeks to turn you gaggling maggots into a well-discipline cadet unit. From this day forward your sorry asses belong to me. You will not eat, sleep, drink, blow your nose or dig in your buts without my say so. Know this, killing is my business, ladies, and business is good.

Major Payne: Let me tell you something ass-eyes, let me tell you ALL something: war has made me very PARANOID! and when you get to eye-balling me, makes my Agent Orange act up, makes me want to KILL!
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23 Jan 2009, 07:15
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At least once a day a quote from this movie is said in my house. My husband sounds DEAD on when it comes to it too.

"Woman, when I was six years old I had a full time job."

Oh, and there is totally a guy in my husband's battalion who is a Major...and his last name is Payne. lol
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23 Jan 2009, 16:54
Minda Hey Hey™
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Hahaha. I love this movie. I actually have it but I haven't watched it in years.
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24 Jan 2009, 05:11
omg it's jessica!
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lol. i love that movie. it's so terrible! ;D
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30 Jan 2009, 00:15
. Spoon .
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lol that movie is so funny. it never gets old ! LOL
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