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25 May 2010, 17:46
jessi bear(:
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that does make sense :)
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25 May 2010, 16:50
Tommy Decentralized
Post Count: 506
At my school (in Nevada) one semester of P.E. is required, and showers are mandatory in P.E.

we used to climb up to the girls window and peep our heads over so we could see them naked to ;)
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28 May 2010, 20:31
Ashley Winter
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omg, that is HORRID. How would anyone do that to their poor baby? You'd think they would put the kid asleep or something?
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29 May 2010, 00:38
Post Count: 322
A lot of parents aren't educated on what circumcision really is, or what the child goes through as far as pain. Alison (Red Fraggle) commented and she made notation that in other countries, they actually give anesthesia - not just a local. She is an anesthesiologist and has come out and said that a local is NOT adequate pain relief for circumcision. Blows my mind why anyone would let that happen to their child without serious pain medications, and they send them home with NOTHING for pain relief.
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25 May 2010, 12:54
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
Oh yes I know all about that. Fucking disgusting.
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24 May 2010, 17:59
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
i guess the only reason i can see to do it is because it can be kinda gross looking if there's a lot of it. my boyfriend isn't circumcised, but he doesn't look like a wind sock either.
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25 May 2010, 04:50
Post Count: 260
*Squeaks in laughter at the wind sock mental image I have now.*
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25 May 2010, 06:18
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
I honestly don't know what the ratios and cultural trends in relation to circumcision is here in Australia. It wasn't bought up at any of my appointments pre finding out we were having a girl.

I've always told my partner that it's his choice if he can give me good reasons other than "it looks better". We haven't had to discuss it and he's never said either way. I guess my preference would be to NOT circumcise because I don't really see the need to do it. As a parent I will teach my son (should I ever have one!) how to keep himself clean, it's not that difficult.

I have a friend who got it done at 14/15. He begged and begged his mum. Can't remember why, just remember him telling us he was going to get it done and no one really caring because we were 14 and who really cares then?! LOL. I like that a) he was able to make the choice himself and b) his mother supported his decision rather than made it for him.
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25 May 2010, 07:14
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I can honestly say I messed around with a guy that was uncircumsized...and it was disgusting. lol. Personally, I would have my son circumsized just so the females wouldn't make fun of him.
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25 May 2010, 12:49
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
You only find it disgusting though because it's the done thing in your culture. If you were brought up in Europe you'd think nothing of it.
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25 May 2010, 16:51
Post Count: 1938
Which is a perfectly legitimate reason to prefer circumcision.
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27 May 2010, 23:05
Post Count: 230
You're right. Here in America though, I know a lot of females that poke fun and criticize men for not being circumsized.
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25 May 2010, 19:39
*just me*
Post Count: 30
I just started watching that video. How on earth anyone can put their child through that for any reason other than medical is absolutely beyond me. That poor babies screams have made me feel sick.
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25 May 2010, 19:53
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
There was one circumsized guy at school and he got the piss ripped out of him daily because aged 13 everyone thought part of his vital anatomy was missing! haha!
Oh the differences between the UK and the rest of the World!
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25 May 2010, 21:01
Post Count: 1938
W--why did everyone know about his circumcision?
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26 May 2010, 16:00
Post Count: 78
My oldest son is circ'd because I thought it was just the thing to do when you had a boy. I now have another boy and did not get him circ'd. I did research on it and there's no medical reason to have it done. I just have to teach him to wash it properly when he is able to retract the foreskin. I remember feeling soooo bad for my first son when he had it done. My youngest was also in the childrens hospital for 3 after he was born for milk/soy allergy and was poked multiple times to try to get an IV in and to draw blood. he wasnt allowed to eat for 24 hours and dropped a lot of weight. I didnt want to put him through anything else after having gone through so much at less than a week old.
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29 May 2010, 04:59
Post Count: 111
You know, i've been with a few people in my life. Two of which were uncircumsized. I gotta say, i actually prefer uncircumcized. Current bf is uncirc'd, if i ever have a son he will be uncirc'd. There's no medical reason for it, i'm not a religious person at all (why you would let a religion tell you whether or not to cut a part of your son's penis off is beyond me, to begin with.) I just dont see a point.
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