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Advice from cat owners please!
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9 May 2010, 16:11
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Yesterday we found a tick on the back of my cats head. Eurgh, those things make me shudder.
Looking at it easlier today you can see the little legs moving around. I've looked at so much advice online which gives conflicting information - remove it, don't remove it, remove it like this, no remove it like that. After discussing it with my partner we decided to try and remove the tick from kitty. We got hold of it as close to the skin as possible and pulled it out but it seems as though the head or at least part of the head has been left behind.
Again, internet posts say such contradictory things about this. Some say don't worry, the cats body will "get rid" of the head if it's left behind, others say this is the worst possible thing and will result in infection or illness.
Does anyone have any personal experience or good advice? We are of course going to keep a close eye on him and keep checking his head for any signs of infection and should the area become infected we will take him straight to the vet. However, I am worrying about him now and that perhaps we have made the wrong decision trying to remove it for him. :(
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9 May 2010, 17:05
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We always pull them off of our pets as long as they aren't securely attached. If they ARE securely attached, you can light a match to stick to the tick and it'll release and die. Of course you should only do this if you have 2 people there and are sure that you're not going to burn the pet.
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9 May 2010, 16:39
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You shouldn't pull them out yourself, the vet has a tool which removes them without leaving the head behind, you'll have to take him to the vet where the rest can be removed, then make sure his tick treatment is kept up to date.
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9 May 2010, 22:48
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You can get special tweezers especially for removing ticks. They're designed for removing them from pets, but I've used them to remove tickets from people. I think you can buy them in pet shops.
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9 May 2010, 22:49
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Clearly I meant ticks, not tickets! I'm tired. Lol.
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9 May 2010, 19:05
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What I have done is similar to Lauren.'s. I have used a lighter before to heat up a pair of tweezers. Once you have the end of the tweezers hot as hell, touch the ass of the tick. It should, after a moment or two, release and try to get away. Best to do this with someone holding the pet real good to prevent them from getting burned. Also make sure to use a thick cloth or potholder if you try this. The tweezers will burn you too! Also works with a safety pin or any other small medal device.

Although this doesn't help you right now. Not sure what to do about the head... except a visit to the vet. :/ Good luck to ya and your kitty.
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