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Does this mean that he/she has cheated?
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30 Apr 2010, 04:40
Tommy Decentralized
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oh hell no. The bitch probably slept with his friends on break,lol, fuck that. break my ass, get lost is more like it.
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30 Apr 2010, 07:48
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lol breaks.... Breaks to me are the cowardly excuse to sleep with other people without actually saying it and/or not breaking up directly, theres no such thing as a break. Just "break up" for Petes sake. Why waste your time.

If you do take a "break", discuss the terms of the break, that you know where you stand. Cut the crap.
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2 May 2010, 13:29
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I agree with this. Breaks are a waste of time, and it signals cowardice on both sides.
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30 Apr 2010, 11:20
Kelsey Lynn xox
Post Count: 150
if you take a "break" and go sleep with someone else, why not just break up with them? i view a break as taking time away from each other, letting each other breathe. it means that you really care about this person enough to try and work it out, not go and fool around with as many people as you can fit into the time frame. man up, or woman up and break up with them for good if you want to be with someone else. in my opinion, when i'm in love, i only want one person. if thats not you, change your relationship status.
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30 Apr 2010, 11:36
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
In my eyes (now that I'm older and I think have the maturity to realise how my relationship is), you are either gonna break up and maybe get back together if you realise you desperately miss each other. OR, you stay together and work your shit out. None of this "break" bullshit. Breaks are for teenagers who can't get their shit straight, or for adults who are too selfish and confused about life to just cut the bullshit and decide what they want.

But if you are one of those people that want to "have a break" then before you get your knickers in a twist because the other person goes off and explores other options in any way (be it sexual or whatever), then maybe you should think about it before you go cutting them loose to have "you time". If you want to define what cheating is on a break, then talk to the other person and create "guidelines" because that way, no one can be confused about what is what.
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2 May 2010, 07:21
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Hmmmm interesting topic. I like it. I was a HUGE "Friends" fan, and I always thought Rachel was a bitch about the whole ordeal. I, personally, think that if someone is on a "break" they can do whatever or whoever they please. If my boyfriend breaks up with me, I'm hooking up with my ex-boss in a heartbeat. LoL! God only knows Johnny Knoxville wouldn't be within a 2000 mile radius from my county. haha.
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2 May 2010, 12:11
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I don't see it as technically cheating, but I do think it's disrespectful to the person you supposedly love to go straight out and sleep with someone else. It just cheapens the relationship you supposedly had. And if a guy did that to me, I wouldn't take him back afterwards.
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2 May 2010, 20:54
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
I'm only familiar with the term "break" from TV. I don't think I know anyone who's ever bothered with one! Is it an American thing?

But I agree with Red Frag. If I broke up with someone only to have them jump into bed with someone else 5 minutes later... I'd be all "WHORE!" And would expect the same reaction if I were to do the same!
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3 May 2010, 09:12
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
Alrighty. I wasn't going to post on this but after yet another fight with my current boyfriend about what happened two years ago while on our "break" I figured I would.

We didn't discuss what was going to happen other than the fact that he had met someone at work and wanted to go out with her and see what would happen. As a matter of fact, while on our "break" we continued to live together until it got to a point where he was acting so crazy I left and went to my sister's house. I called him and told him that by the time I got home I wanted his stuff packed and out of our house because if we wanted to work things out, we needed time apart. I figured we'd be able to see other people if they popped up and while I did hang out with another guy all we did was kiss.

I think that being on a "break" is a prelude to a break-up and you're free to do as you wish with whoever you want. I don't consider it cheating. You're not currently involved with your SO and if and when you do get back together I don't think it's acceptable to bring it up.
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4 May 2010, 01:18
jessi bear(:
Post Count: 300
"he had met someone at work and wanted to go out with her and see what would happen"... that completely nullifies his right to bring up the fact that you kissed someone else, imo.
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3 May 2010, 15:11
Mojo Jojo
Post Count: 278
I would never do a 'break' solely because it leaves the door wide open for any form of cheating. And then you end up all Ross and Rachel. It's not good. If it's so broken you need a break, you probably can't fix it.
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4 May 2010, 01:49
Post Count: 11
I think "breaks" are a waste of time. If you're in the type of relationship that it's reasonable to go on a "break" for any reason, then it probably means you're not really committed to each other, and you would have kissed/messed around with someone else regardless of the break (or you would have wanted to, which isn't too different, in my opinion). Neither of these situations are the end of the world. Unless you break some sort of pre-set commitment to each other, things like kissing and holding hands are easily forgiven in my book.
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