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26 Apr 2010, 02:35
Jessica [Private]
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You're a strange, strange child.
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26 Apr 2010, 03:03
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i have old navy socks that are white with a colored toe/heel/logo/edge, and since they're all the same make, if they don't match it's not a huge deal, but i pair them together when i do laundry. if i end up with odd socks i'll wear a green one with a blue one. otherwise, my socks will match. i can't wear two different MAKES of socks. that would bother my feet.
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26 Apr 2010, 05:00
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it depends on my mood...sometimes they match, sometimes they don't...but in all honesty...i'd prefer never to wear them..or shoes...i love being barefoot. socks bug me...if I have to wear them like with shoes...they come off the second i can take them off....i love warmer weather (like...45 and above, lol i live in michigan so 45 is nice after winter)/summer 'cuz i can wear sandels and flip flops.
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26 Apr 2010, 06:28
Tommy Decentralized
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Blue Socks ARE THE BEST!

here's: PROOF!
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26 Apr 2010, 16:23
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Gosh, yo - my socks have to match. I like to be symmetrical, yo! Although, alas, one ear is higher than the other, and one boob is bigger than the other, so true symmetry never happens. But, like, at least my socks can match!
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