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Richard Dawkins calls for prosecution of Pope
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23 Apr 2010, 20:43
Madeline Rain
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Sorry about your crappy mood. I hear pregnancy hormones can be a bitch.

And I'm not a fan of Catholicism either. What I am a fan of, however, is intelligent exchange of ideas. Sorry you're not up to par.
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23 Apr 2010, 20:47
*Forever Changing*
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No, see what I am not up to par with is sitting here arguing over the fact that what I said was infact an opinion, your catty little insults do nothing for me, except prove to me, when all else fails most of bloop go straight to the insults. You cant even end a conversation on a decent not you have to throw in a little snide remark and think it actually helps your case. Have a nice day :)
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23 Apr 2010, 22:50
Tommy Decentralized
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5 star comment :)
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23 Apr 2010, 18:02
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I'm a Christian, and I wouldn't be upset in the least if the Pope were arrested. I really think the Catholic Church needs to do SOMETHING about all of these abuse cover-ups. I will say, though, that I'm quite sure the Pope was not the ONLY person involved in this. So, if they arrest him, they need to arrest all involved in the cover-up.
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26 Apr 2010, 05:33
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I agree with you about 85% here. While I do think the Pope should be held criminally responsible for all of this, I don't think atheism had anything to do with people wanting to see this dealt with. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think Dawkins is a complete lunatic, but people aren't after the Pope behind Dawkins. They would have been after the Pope regardless.
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23 Apr 2010, 02:50
Winged Centaur
Post Count: 301
Should he be held responsible for his crimes? Yes.

Will he? Not by man's law.

Maybe by God though. What is that? The 7th or 8th circle of hell?
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23 Apr 2010, 19:18
Love Bipolar Inc
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I think that anyone who engages in child abuse or molestation or knows about it and hides it like that should be prosecuted no matter who they are. It is unfair that certain people get away with things like that just because they are the pope. But life is unfair and I pretty much doubt that Dawkins and his cohort will win their case.
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23 Apr 2010, 19:19
Love Bipolar Inc
Post Count: 45
" It is unfair that certain people get away with things like that just because they are the pope."

Just to clarify about that sentence: its not only the pope who can get away with things like that. Its foreign diplomats who go into another country and commit a crime and get diplomatic immunity and stuff like that.
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25 Apr 2010, 14:10
Emily the Strange
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It seems like a majority of the people who care about these things are counteracted by the majority of people who don't care about these things. After my own research on the matter, when a sexual deviant arose within the catholic church, the traditional method of treatment was removing the priest from the church and taking him to a different parish. The purpose of this would be removing the harm from the child, but acting as a punishment to the priest, as the parish represents his work for God/his family. I don't much agree with this, as I don't think "holy" people should be excused from the law of the land. If the Pope had knowledge of these acts, then yes I would say prosecute.....right after we jail the actual offenders. Let's get the actors out of the pictures before we shoot the director. Makes it easier when you have fewer pawns.
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27 Apr 2010, 00:16
Tommy Decentralized
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I'm waiting for the thread that says pope calls for execution of Dawkins! bwahaha
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