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I love my dog, but really this is nuts.
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21 Apr 2010, 01:55
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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21 Apr 2010, 01:56
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That. Is. NUTS.
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21 Apr 2010, 02:08
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I used to work in a....more uperclass side of town - it wasn't exactly the the most upperclass area here, but it - it's significantly upperclass. ANYWAY - there were about 2 or 3 (I know there was two for sure) just on the street I worked on alone that was dedicated to selling...accessories for pets. Clothes, carriers, prams, bedazzled collars & leads, houses, special feeding gadget thingos. THE WORKS. It was cute to see...but...I don't think I'd buy my pets any of that stuff. (Maybe a bedazzled collar...but thats where I draw the line). On that note tho; I loved christmas and easter. They'd have mini santa hats/costumes or bunny ears and stuff.
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22 Apr 2010, 00:58
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Although I'd never let my dog eat off the table. I think it's kinda cute, and I've seen even more ridiculous things.
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22 Apr 2010, 01:08
Jessica [Private]
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Am I the only one annoyed by the people in that video? :|
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21 Apr 2010, 02:05
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LOL. Hilarious! I, personally, want my dogs as far away from my food and the top of my table as possible (hello, loose dog hair..), but I can very much see many people buying that. I know a lot of people who could never have kids (or now have empty nests, or who lost children and never had more..) that consider their dogs (especially small lapdogs like a chihuahua) to be their actual children and would definitely buy one of these. But me? No way, man.
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22 Apr 2010, 16:20
Oprah Noodlemantra
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My mother's dog has her own chair at the kitchen table. Granted, she doesn't sit there while we eat, but she'll sit next to us when we're on our laptops, watching tv, things like that. We can say, "Missy, get in your chair!" and she'll jump right up, sit down, and even rest her chin on the table. It's freaking cute, but she does not sit up there when we have food. She knows better, lol.
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21 Apr 2010, 02:25
BDZ Photography
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okay, I had to stop reading/watching 10 seconds in. My biggest pet peeve is animals at the dinner table. They do not belong there and they don't belong eating people food. People are freaking nuts about their pets its becoming borderline sick.
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21 Apr 2010, 14:21
Hidden Depths
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same here. Dogs are kept away from the table and the meals!
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21 Apr 2010, 17:22
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I must say, that I agree with you.
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21 Apr 2010, 19:48
& skull.
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i'm pretty sure my dad would slap whoever bought one of these. i'm personally annoyed i didn't come up with something to sell to idiots. dogs are fucking DOGS, not toys, not babies, they are an ANIMAL. honestly, there's spoiling your dog, then there's having obvious mental issues.
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21 Apr 2010, 19:52
annababe • •
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I agree.

I pretty much hate animals. Cats make me itchy and my eyes puffy. Dogs are slobbery and smell. Plus they shed everytime they move. I hate having animal hair on me. I'm so anal about it.
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21 Apr 2010, 20:13
& skull.
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i love animals, i just hate idiots that treat them like humans.

cats used to make me want to tear my eyes out they got so itchy. i some how grew out of it thank god.
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21 Apr 2010, 20:01
*Forever Changing*
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I say my animals are like my children, but in reality, they arent. My dog is allowed to lay under the dinner table, thats all, if she gets pushy she gets put in her kennel. The only table scraps she gets are what my kids drop. My cat is not allowed anywhere NEAR the counters or table because he is a pushy little brat who cant understand the word no. I dont understand people like that in all!
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21 Apr 2010, 21:08
Tommy Decentralized
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dogs are so intune with their owners. they're just really remarkable creatures, so much like us. They all have their personalities. and like people, they to can be very annoying. i like the high chair for dogs, for some people pets are pretty much their only companions. Often eating together anyway. but those two oin the video, somethings not right with them.
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22 Apr 2010, 00:46
BDZ Photography
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I completely understand the fact that for some people their pets are their only companions but still, think about it, they walk in their own poop (mostly cats but I've had some dogs who have used my cat litter as a trough *shutter*), they play in mud, do you really want their paws on your dining room table, especially when you are eating????? Makes me shutter when I think about it.
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22 Apr 2010, 03:06
Tommy Decentralized
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would you rather have your dog at your table, a dog that would be clean, and taken good care of, so as to not have to ever walk in pooop.

or some homeless drunken bum?

how a pet is cared for, is a reflection of the caretaker.

now like i said, for any people pets are all they have, and they eat together anyway. the tables look cool, its not for me personally. but i do like them
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22 Apr 2010, 03:19
BDZ Photography
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"how a pet is cared for, is a reflection of the caretaker."

just because I prefer my animals to NOT eat at the dinner table doesn't mean I treat them poorly. I treat them like pets. They aren't human, they are fine eating where they eat. I don't have any dogs anymore anyways and when we're eating dinner the cats are usually passed out on the couch.
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22 Apr 2010, 14:55
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I really want to go out and buy one for each of my dogs! It's so cute! :]
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