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A very sick story
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19 Jan 2009, 20:16
The Ryan
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Something I saw on the BBC.

"A MAN has admitted sending a letter to two little girls aged five and three telling them that he loved them and wanted to have sex with them.
Mark Godsall said the sisters were "sexy and stunning" and he wanted to give them a "treat known as sex."
He was arrested after the posted letter was opened by the girls' outraged parents.
The incident was described after 32-year-old Godsall pleaded guilty to deliberately attempting to incite children to engage in sexual activity.
Sentencing was adjourned for specialist reports, after Judge Keith Thomas was told a doctor had recently suggested Godsall was suffering from Aspergers Syndrome.

Kevin Riordan, prosecuting, said Godsall committed the offence of attempted incitement in 2007 when he mailed a hand-written letter to the home of two girls aged five and three.

When the letter arrived at 8.50am on October 20, the children's parents were distressed and outraged when they opened it and saw the contents.
Mr Riordan said Godsall had written: "I am writing to say I love you.
"You are both sexy and stunning girls and I want to give you a treat known as sex sex with the two of you at the same time.
"I'm an easy boy to please and you'll love being pleased by me."
Godsall had not put his signature on the letter, the court heard, but he was traced and arrested after his fingerprints were found on it.
Questioned by the police, he made a full confession.

He told detectives he had written the letter while under the influence of alcohol.
He had written it as a joke but now accepted it was not funny.
He claimed he had not actually been planning to do anything to the children.
"He also denied having sexual feelings for the children or for children in general," said Mr Riordan.
In mitigation, Patrick Griffiths said a recent medical report had suggested the possibility that Godsall was suffering from Aspergers Syndrome.
Judge Keith Thomas, who described the case as a "very troubling one", then decided to adjourn sentencing for the defendant to be examined by a specialist consultant in the field of learning disabilities.
The judge said the case would be relisted on March 6.
Godsall's present bail address was not disclosed in court.
At the time the letters were sent to the youngsters, the girls' dad, who could not be named to protect the identity of his daughters, said he was left sickened by the content.
He said: "I felt like being sick when I read the letter.
"I couldn't read it all, and I broke down crying.
"It said that they would like to give my two daughters lots of sex and make them happy, give them treats.
"It said that they'd been watching them in the garden and in the school yard.
"I phoned the police straight away and they took the letter away with them."
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19 Jan 2009, 21:16
Acid Fairy
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19 Jan 2009, 20:20
panda bear.
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Wow... that's disgusting.
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19 Jan 2009, 20:41
*amour de bebe*
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absolutely disgusting
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19 Jan 2009, 20:52
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I got as far as "treat known as sex" and couldn't read any further.

How the HELL can you possibly think a five year old and a three year old are SEXY? Stunning, maybe. I've seen some very lovely little girls, but to think of them in a SEXUAL manner? That's disgusting. Pure evil, is what it is.
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19 Jan 2009, 21:18
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I agree. I skimmed, there's really no excuse, and its disgustingly disturbing. I feel bad for the family. :(
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19 Jan 2009, 22:28
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Fuck that, this guy would have had to be ABSOLUTELY blind drunk that he couldn't remember, even then I dont believe him.
Good kick in the nuts is what he needs. Like a A GOOD kick in the nuts, so he can't use anything down there again.
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20 Jan 2009, 12:51
*amour de bebe*
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I agree!!!!!!!!!! There is NO excuse for that letter, drunk or not drunk.
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20 Jan 2009, 01:27
. Spoon .
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how terrible. that ugy needs to be put in jail and raped by old men till he slits his wrists.. god what a piece of shit work he is...
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20 Jan 2009, 05:01
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The problem with most pedophiles is that it isn't an EQUIPMENT issue, but a MENTAL issue. So it wouldn't matter if you rendered his boys useless and inoperable. It's in his head, and he'd still offend. Even if you chopped all of it off, he'd find some other way to do the deed. He needs to just be put out of everyone's misery.
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21 Jan 2009, 01:54
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That makes ME feel sick.
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21 Jan 2009, 10:19
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bummer high man
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