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Age gap relationships
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13 Apr 2010, 12:59
Mojo Jojo
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How old/young is TOO old/young?

I wouldn't date anyone over 40 or under 24. I'm 25 and married to a man 6 months older than me.

What say you lot?
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13 Apr 2010, 13:16
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I think it depends on the people involved. My husband? Would never be able to be with an 'older' woman...he's too immature. Most of them wouldn't put up with it. (I don't even know how I do sometimes!) Me? I could date someone older, even though my husband is only 2.5 years older than me. Having kids put me in that mindset.

One of my best friends is 20 - and her bf is 33 and three kids from the woman he's getting a divorce from right now. They're very good together. I think it just depends on everyone as an individual.

(And I know there are quite a few women here, that are dating older men, lol.)

Too young for me, is probably anything under 20. (I'm 22)
Too old? I dunno, maybe anything over 35?
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13 Apr 2010, 14:33
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The rule of thumb is basically half your age plus 7.
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13 Apr 2010, 18:42
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that would work out perfectly for me right now actually, in terms of legality..... i'm 22. half my age plus seven would make my boyfriend 18. haha.
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13 Apr 2010, 15:44
*Forever Changing*
Post Count: 847
My parents are 10 years apart. Right now my mom is with a guy 20 years older. I amm 22 married to a 25 year old. Age is just a number to me. No one under 18 otherwise it doesn't matter to me.
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13 Apr 2010, 18:24
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
I'm 22. I think my age limits would be 21 (no younger purely because men are less mature!) and 30. Although I would go older if I met the right guy. My uncle is 15 years older than my aunt which I always find pretty cool.
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13 Apr 2010, 21:47
*~Loving You~*
Post Count: 507
hmm my mom wasnt a fan when i would date a older guy when i was younger, but my limit (if i was still single) no one ever younger than me, i cannot go out with a younger guy ever again not even by a month (ive dated someone who was about 6 months younger than me - didnt like dating younger), i always go for a guy 2 years to 5 years older than me. so im almost 25 so someone who is 26 to 30ish... i am married to a guy who is 2 years older than me.

age is really a number, it varies on everyone.
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13 Apr 2010, 22:04
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I think it's easy to throw numbers out, but if you met a person that was younger/older that was perfect for you, it'd change the math up a little bit :P. I'm 21 and my husband will be 25 this summer. I'd say that if I were single, I wouldn't date anyone younger than 21 or older than 28.
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13 Apr 2010, 23:47
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there is 13 years between jason and i. i am 24 and he is 37
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14 Apr 2010, 01:18
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I agree with .Amber. I think it really depends on the maturity level of each individual involved. I dated an older guy, I was 22 and he was 38. So a 16 year age gap between us. You would think that he would have left me for my "immaturity" compared to his, but I actually left him for that very reason. I wanted to settle down, raise a family, get married, have more children, etc.. and he wanted none of that, he wanted to drink, party, etc.

I'm 23 turning 24 in August, and my Hubby is 28 turning 29 this month. There's a 5 year age difference, and sometimes I still wish he was a bit more mature! lol
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14 Apr 2010, 03:26
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I know I'm the youngest to reply so far. I'm 19. But my mom and step-dad are 17 years apart. My mom turned 40 a few months ago, and my stepdad turns 57 the 20th. Now that theyre older, it's not bad, but I sometimes tend to look at it as he was almost legally an adult when my mom was born. Sounds weird. Lol.

I tend to go for older guys. My boyfriend is 28, so 9 years difference. When I get a bit older, it won't sound so bad I think. He acts like he's 19 though. Lol. I won't date much older than that, because that's getting too close to my dad's age and yea. Haha.
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14 Apr 2010, 03:30
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But maturity is definitely a factor.
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14 Apr 2010, 12:32
being human.
Post Count: 52
my boyfriend and i are 3 years apart and we get along just fine :)
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13 Apr 2010, 13:11
Winged Centaur
Post Count: 301
After about 20, the age gap doesn't matter so much. What matters more is maturity, which usually evens out across the ages after about 20. My partner is 9 years old than myself (I am 20, he is about to be 29). I don't think he would have dated me though if I did not have a sufficient level of maturity.
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13 Apr 2010, 14:01
ICky VICky
Post Count: 78
yeah, i really dont have a problem with age, its who you love after all, are you happy then thats all that matters. P.s im 22 hes 41 (42 in two months). I really dont go younger people then me i mean if it happened i would go with 18+ since thats the age of consent and ive seen some messed up relationships that were distroyed do to anger and someone calling the cops to report rape even though it wasnt legally it was. (referencing an 18 yr old going with a 16 yr old.)
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13 Apr 2010, 15:05
Post Count: 83
Age is funny. I mean, you do reach a point where age really doesn't matter so much. But, at the same time.. I feel like the bigger the gap, the less you're going to have in common. You're at different points in your life, you know?
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13 Apr 2010, 15:26
kid at heart.
Post Count: 108
I have a friend who is dating a man who is in his 40's, and she's 22. They're both in the military, so perhaps that makes a difference in having things in common and connecting. To be honest, sometimes it's a little strange to hang out with them, especially when we're drinking and at bars. He's a cool enough guy, but sometimes I feel like I have to watch myself, you know? That's my own issue, though.

I personally wouldn't be able to date someone that much older than me. Not to mention, my family would not approve at all, and they're approval is generally important.
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13 Apr 2010, 15:45
Post Count: 230
For me, personally, I guess over 40 would be pushing the limit. I'm not a very judgemental person, so if I see a female in the 20ish age range with a male in the 50ish age range then more than likely they found love in each other. Whom am I to say that is wrong? Now this doesn't mean I'm going to go find me a 50 year old man, and put my beliefs to the test. Well....unless he's a doctor...............................kidding.
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13 Apr 2010, 19:39
Mojo Jojo
Post Count: 278
Unless it's House!
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13 Apr 2010, 22:53
Post Count: 230
Haha, I shall agree, House is a very sexy man doctor, eh?
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13 Apr 2010, 16:20
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
i aslo think it depends on the people. i'm 5 months older than my husband... my friend shana and her husband are 10 years apart. they started dating when she was 16 and he was 26. they got a lot of crap for it but shana was way more mature than paul's baby momma who was around the same age as him. like i said.. it depends.
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13 Apr 2010, 17:37
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
I've dated both ways. I dated a 39 year old woman when I was of my exes was 14 years my junior(I was 36, She was 22). My current g/f is 9 years younger than me.
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13 Apr 2010, 18:17
Meghans Follie
Post Count: 433
my hubby and I are just shy of 8 years apart - he being older. Its never been an issue for us. Its been an issue for his parents when I was younger - they were always asking if I was done dating around (umm duh I married your son so I would guess so)
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13 Apr 2010, 18:35
Post Count: 2651
I'd go out with a guy who was up to 10 years older than me (and a year or two younger perhaps), but I just can't really see me having much in common with a guy who is more than 10 years older then me. So I'm 27 and my range would probably be 26 - 37. I certainly can't imagine being with a guy who's more than a couple of years younger... 21 and 22 year old boys are so immature, and they wouldn't have had the same life experience that I've had.
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13 Apr 2010, 18:38
Poetic Justice
Post Count: 229
I was in a relationship with someone 17 years older than me for 3 years, and everything was great. We ended up breaking up because we really had no common interests. Not because of out ages, mind you, just in general- For instance, I love horror movies and hate anime, he loved anime and despised horror movies. The list goes on.

My parents had a 21 year age difference, and were married for 18 years. They only broke up because my father started drinking pretty heavily and he is a very unpleasant drunk. Now, he's sober, they're both seeing other people, but they remain pretty close friends. They even buy each other cards on the anniversary of their divorce because they share the same bizarre sense of humor lol
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